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Dear Friends

dr-chung-3GMMA is a Movement of God reaching out to the world. Our focus is to awaken and mobilize Christ-passionate healthcare workers to join in God’s Kingdom work, and to network with others who are already in the mission fields. There is an urgency as if what we are doing should have already been done yesterday.

The Lord’s mandate is for us to run the race, to follow in His steps, to reach the unreached, to remember the forgotten, to heal the broken, and to carry His light wherever we go! We will do this by creating local GMMA Chapters and sponsoring National Conferences to form strong alliances in the body of Christ.

Let us “Arise and Shine” (Isaiah 60:1) together in doing His ministry!!

Please join me in prayer, dedication, and sacrifice to answer HIS CALLING.

In His Service,

S. Peter Chung, M.D.

President, GMMA

GMMA Servant Leadership Team

Sung Ho Bae M.D.- Executive Chairman
Peter Chung M.D. - President
Young Sik Kim M.D.- Vice President
Sang Hoon Ahn M.D.- Treasurer, Young Professionals Development
Aileen Kim M.D. – Secretary
Hong Sik Kim M.D. - California President
Michelle Lee M.D. – Global Mentors Support Director
Mary Roh M.D. - Global Conference Director
Joy Kim - Administrative Manager
Tiffany Hwang – Finance Support Staff
Kelly Choi- Admin and Mission Dept Support Staff
Paul Park - Missions Dept Support Staff
Elly Ko- Public Relations Manager
Joy Park- Newsletter Editor
Note: Campus chapter related leaders are listed in the Students section.

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