Campus Chapters:

As college students, we believe that it is easy to get caught up in pursuing our future careers and neglect our true identity in Christ. Therefore, in these campus chapters, Christian pre-health students gather to network and encourage each other through praise, prayer, and fellowship. We host healthcare professionals from various fields to not only teach us about their fields but also about what it means to be a Christian healthcare professional. 

West Coast Region

UCLA Chapter

Contact: Ellie Kim

UCSD Chapter

Contact: Summer Lee

UCB Chapter

Contact: Katherine An

UCSB Chapter

Contact: Yun Seo Lee

USC Chapter

Contact: Esther Chu

UCR Chapter

Contact: Joseph Lee

UOP Chapter

Contact: Phillip Pribadi

UCD Chapter

Contact: Shauna Cho

Occidental Chapter

Contact: Karissa Dunn

UCI Chapter

Contact: Jinseor Kim

Biola Chapter

Contact: Andrew Shin


UW Chapter

Contact: Elliya Kim





Cornell Chapter

Contact: Christopher Park

UPenn Chapter

Contact: Jonathan Joe

Johns Hopkins Chapter

Contact: Karin Kartawira

Yale Chapter

Contact: Viola Kyoung A Lee

NYU Chapter

Contact: Rachael Lee


Regional chapters:

Globally GMMA is organized into several  regions. The approximately seven  chapters in the U.S. and overseas provide a network of regular programs, meetings, training workshops, and special mission projects, all tailored to the specific needs of the chapter member. We welcome new chapters and new members.  If you are interested in forming a chapter or becoming a member, you may contact the administration team of GMMA.  We are happy to welcome you to our purpose driven organization.

Atlanta Chapter

Contact: Ben Ahn (

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