Meet our 2019-2020 officers!

Tiffany Park


MAJOR : Studio Art

To me, GMMA is an organization that aims to mobilize a team of students and healthcare professionals to deliver the truth of the gospel to unreached areas and nations by using healthcare as a tool. It is a privilege and honor to do the work that God has called us to do. It is amazing how God can use such ordinary people like us to fulfill His work on earth. We truly serve an awesome God. Ultimately, I pray the gospel will penetrate our minds, permeate our hearts, and in turn motivate our actions to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Junha Gu

Vice President

MAJOR : Molecular Biology

“GMMA is one of the many ways that God allows me to connect with others who believe in Him. It is an organization that helps me to develop the mindset to give up my hopes and goals to Him and to let Him take the reins in the direction I take in the medical field. I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow alongside others who enter the medical/health field with the mindset of glorifying God. The chance to reach out to those who have not realized His greatness and to learn from those who have is invaluable. Though this organization I am able to see how great He is, and how he works in the medical field, as well as in other nations.”



Amy Kaneshiro

Missions Coordinator

MAJOR : Undecided

“Global Medical Missions Alliance is a faith centered organization that aims to empower both local and global communities. I initially was unsure of how GMMA would achieve this goal because in my experience, organizations either only focused on healthcare or only focused on faith. However, I believe that GMMA is unique in its core belief of giving those who are pursuing a better understanding and stronger relationship with God an opportunity to put into practice their interest in healthcare. I am really excited and grateful to be able to be ambassadors of Christ with the other West Coast student chapters. Together, with the GMMA team members, I look forward to sharing GMMA to the Claremont community.”

Nathalie Hong


MAJOR : Chemistry

“I first heard about GMMA after my freshman year, through a friend that had attended one of their summer mission trips in Mexico. When I was encouraged to join the organization, my feelings toward it were neutral; I wasn’t opposed to the idea, but I wasn’t especially excited about it either. As I learned more about the mission statement and the goals of the organization, I became more enthusiastic about being an active member. For me, GMMA is a place where I can combine my professional goals with my religious beliefs, and a reminder that these things do not need to be mutually exclusive.”

Christie Lee

Public Relations

MAJOR : Psychology

“GMMA struck me as the perfect way to discover how I can merge my central identity as a disciple of Christ with my developing interest in serving others through healthcare. Not only are we provided professional mentors who can show us a good example and help to grow us professionally, but we also are able to find ourselves with a group of like-minded people with the same mission: to represent and bring Christ’s name to the ends of the earth with the particular lens of healthcare. I am excited to experience this sort of fellowship with others and serve God together as He first served and loved us, both on the 5C campus and beyond through medical missions.”



Dr. Min Young Jo, DDS

How We Got Started:

Our Pomona College GMMA student chapter (soon to include involvement from the other Claremont Colleges) recently started after GMMA healthcare professionals strongly encouraged Tiffany to start a new chapter at Pomona. As President, Tiffany was curious about getting further involved and reached out to the leaders for more information. Following the approval by the school, the rest is history. Although we are small in numbers right now, we are confident that God will continue to grow us and use us to share the good news. We are going to officially start in the fall of 2019!

Our Vision + Identity:

Our student chapter aims to glorify God and enjoy Him in all that we do. Ultimately it is our prayer that the gospel message would permeate our heads, hearts, and in turn our hands. Through open discussions and conversations about the gospel and medical missions, we hope to cultivate a welcoming environment. 



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