Sarah Son

Sarah Son

President | Third Year

Major: Health Sciences

Hometown: Queens, NY

GMMA is family to me. Everyone who I’ve met through this organization whether it was the professionals or different chapters, they’re all filled with God’s love and passion! Seeing this passion has passed down to me and I’ve become so passionate in both my walk with Christ as well as the mission GMMA strives for. Coming into college, I loved going on missions and serving God but there was never something that could combine both my future profession (PA- Physician Assistant) and Christianity. Until I found GMMA!

As I’ve been apart of GMMA from the very first years at Drexel I’ve got to witness lots of change and God in motion. To be completely honest it has been so hard to use my studies to glorify God and this is one of my struggles. But through GMMA I’m slowly learning how I could use my future career for His kingdom. I want to become a Physician Assistant that assists in cardiac surgeries and go on missions with my skills I’ve learned in the future.

Did you say wanted life-long brothers and sisters in Christ to walk with you on your journey? Then GMMA is somewhere that allows for life-long relationships to be formed. Not only do we go on missions abroad but Philly is one of our mission field and want to serve the city as well. Joining GMMA is one thing I don’t regret at all!

Chris Chan

Chris Chan

Vice President | Fifth Year

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Springfield, PA

GMMA, to me, is an outlet for servants of Christ to take part in the great commission within a family-like environment. Being a part of GMMA has introduced me to individuals who have inspired me to grow closer to Christ, blessing in ways I could have never imagined.  

The organization allows any individual (medical-background or not) to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime type of opportunity. Being in college, most of us are still not completely comfortable within our desired profession – myself included. However, through GMMA, God provides for us an opportunity to serve despite our weaknesses and inadequacies. The only thing necessary is a servant-like heart that yearns for the most beautiful name of Jesus to be made known, and we can trust that God can (and will) take care of the rest. 

Before joining GMMA, I would wonder what it would be like to serve overseas. And after just one trip to Mexico, my heart’s been completely overwhelmed. God really does provide in extraordinary ways. 

My hope is for many others to experience His goodness and grace in the ways that I already have, and I truly believe that the best is yet to come. 


Dokyeong Kim

Event Coordinator | Second Year

Major: Nursing  

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

I found out about GMMA through my church fellowship at Drexel and I choose GMMA because it is such a great way to use our professions for God’s kingdom work. As students, it’s so easy to get caught up on success and to lose sight of why we are studying but with GMMA, it constantly reminds me that what I am doing is for Lord and Him only. GMMA allows for me to have an amazing group of spiritual accountability partners/friends but, it also offers me opportunities to take practical approaches to doing God’s work. Missions is a big part of GMMA and is a great way to fulfil the great commission but, this organization also allows us to glorify God and spread the gospel within our own campuses by loving on the members and reaching out to those who are broken. I’m so blessed to be a part of this group and I hope this short blurb keeps you interested and excited for what God is planning on fulfilling through GMMA!


Kayla Chung

Worship Leader & Outreach Coordinator | Second Year

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

I think GMMA is a place where God allowed me to serve Jesus, learn about Jesus, and grow in Jesus. Right now, I’m uncertain as to how God will use me (or not) in GMMA (and pretty much in everyday life), but by faith, I know God will work. I’m sure there will be plenty of struggles and blessings, but all the glory to Him. To be completely honest and blunt, I am nervous, worried, and unconfident. Will I contribute anything? Something? Nothing? I don’t even have the skills to lead?! Others are so much better than me at what I’m assigned to do… Will I feel any joy when giving/receiving? Who knows? These are the thoughts constantly running through my head. Yet, I’m clinging to the promises of God in his word: that God knew me, appointed me, and will deliver me. God taught me many things about himself as a father and about myself as his daughter, and in everything he has been faithful, loving, disciplining. I’m praying that I’ll see more of him in my daily life and as an officer of GMMA. I’m praying that I’ll be able to make him proud through the gifts he’s given me and also through the fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m praying that I will love God even more, so I may truly love people (which is pretty much missions in it of itself). I can go on and on, but I hope that I am willing to surrender to God during my years at GMMA– that even in the dry seasons that I am going through right now, I will say yes to God. 

Joy Yang

Mission Coordinator & Public Realtions | Second Year


Hometown: Hong Kong & Cherry Hill, NJ

What is GMMA to you: GMMA is A M A Z I N G!!! Honestly, I think joining GMMA is one of the best decisions I have made in my college life so far. GMMA has allowed me to discover how I can truly serve God through my dream career (to be a nurse!!) not only through missions abroad but also at home. Through GMMA, God has allowed me to share His great love and be a light in a very dark world. God has always been so good to me and with all my heart I wish to share this love and comfort I have experienced to those who do not know about it. Overall, GMMA is my family, a place where I can serve God alongside with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m so grateful to have a club such as GMMA because through GMMA I have formed amazing relationships with people who have a big heart for God and sharing the Gospel.

Jihee Lee

External Affairs & Secretary | Second Year

Major: Nursing

HometownDaejeon, South Korea & Cherry Hill, New Jersey

When I think about GMMA it just makes me happy and excited. When I first heard about GMMA, I immediately wanted to join because of two things: Missions + Students. GMMA has allowed me to learn more about what it is to be a servant of God as students and the importance of missions. Through GMMA, I was able to meet amazing brothers and sisters from different campuses but as well as the families in Mexico. It has encouraged me (in different ways) to become the nurse that I always dream of being and helped me get back up when I was falling down due to hardships/struggles. GMMA is giving me unforgettable opportunities to do great things under God’s name that I should never take advantage of. I feel blessed to be in a community like GMMA where I can really learn in so many different aspects.  

Janet Shear

Janet Shear

Mentor | Second Year Post-grad

Dental School

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Drexel GMMA 


Campus Supervisor: Justin Wolfe

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance @ Drexel GMMA
The Drexel GMMA student chapter started 2017…

Campus Chapter Goals:

– Provide fellowship and networking opportunities for all majors
– Provide medical missions opportunities for students interested in learning more about medical missions
– Provide guidance from Christian mentors for students aspiring to become healthcare professionals dedicated to expanding God’s Kingdom

General Meetings

Location: PISBI 107

Time:  7PM-9PM






  • Welcome Week: Campus Wide Worship 7PM @ Race Lawn


  • Apple Cider & Candy Apples

Mission Trips: Mexico

  • Mission date is coming soon!




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Fall Quarter 2019


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