Georgia Tech GMMA

President: Stephen Lee

My name is Stephen Lee, and I am the President of Georgia Tech’s GMMA chapter. I am a 4th year majoring in Chemical Engineering. After graduating, I plan on going to medical school. What I want from GMMA for myself and all the officers and members is just to know God more. Going on mission trips and serving our community and all these other things that we do don’t matter if we don’t know who our Father is. As President I want to create a space and community for people to fall deeper in love with Christ and from that to go on mission trips and preach the Gospel and become great Christian professionals. But I don’t want this year to go by and our members to say that they don’t know God any better than they did when the year first started.

Vice President: Eric Park

Hello my name is Eric. I am the vice president for the Georgia Tech GMMA chapter. I am Neuroscience major with Computer Science minor. My future plan is either to focus on integrating Artificial Intelligence with bionic devices or to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. My vision and goal for this chapter as a vice president is to become a right hand man for the president and integrate the gaps between the president and the other officers. I personally would love to see Georgia Tech GMMA chapter to increase in number as well as become a community where everyone feels welcomed and be able to spread the  Christ’s love we experience during our mission trips.

Secretary: Jenny Son

My name is Jenny. I am the secretary for the Georgia Tech GMMA chapter. I am a business major with an IT management concentration. I would like to work in the consulting field in my future, and hopefully spread the gospel through the relationships I build around me. My vision for GMMA is for all the leaders to be passionate about the mission work we do, and also for that passion to be magnified through the members we gain this school year. I hope to be a successful secretary by keeping everything organized so that we can be efficient. I am excited for what God has in store for our chapter this year, and I would love for us to grow not only in faith, but also in numbers as we prepare for our missions and other community service acts throughout the year.

VP of Finances: Matthew Lee

Hello my name is Matthew. I am the treasurer for the Georgia Tech GMMA chapter. My major is Electrical Engineering with a robotics minor and in pre-health track. In the future, I would like to work for a company that designs biomedical devices. If not, I would like to become the professional who uses biomedical devices whether it be a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, and etc. This past May, I went on a trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico with GMMA. As treasurer, I would like to have the chapter pay for all necessary funds for mission trips. I will try to do this by handling all the cash flows into the chapter funding. My vision for GMMA is to have people better understand what it means to be a follower of Christ: utilizing talents for His kingdom.

VP of Communications: Erika Sheng

Hello my name is Erika Sheng. I am the VP of Communications or Social Media Coordinator for the Georgia Tech GMMA chapter. I am currently a 2nd year at Georgia Tech majoring in Biology on the Pre-med track. I plan to go to medical school in the future to advance my knowledge in medicine. As the VP of Communications for the Georgia Tech Chapter, I hope to publicize GMMA more to the student body through different means of social media including Facebook and Instagram. I hope these posts and updates will encourage others to join, and ultimately bring each one of them closer to God. I really hope that the Georgia Tech GMMA chapter as a whole will bring people within the organization and outside the organization to get closer to God.

Missions Coordinator: Kelly Yi

My name is Kelly Yi, and I am the missions coordinator for GMMA. I am a biology major and in the future, I would like to attend medical school and specialize in pediatrics. My vision for GMMA as the mission coordinator is that the organization continues to serve God through mission trips and support its members on their own spiritual journeys. I hope to handle the logistics of mission trips successfully, while getting to know God more.

About Georgia Tech Student Chapter

Our goals are to provide a network among Christian students and health professionals to bring about healing towards all nations, foster a unique community and fellowship among peers and mentors committed to medical mission and healing ministry, and to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals to passionately give back to the community for the gospel.

General Meetings

Our general meetings are held every other Monday starting at 7:00pm unless otherwise mentioned. They typically last about an hour to an hour and a half. Locations will be announced but they will usually be held in the Instructional Center. We will aim to ensure that each meeting provides a new experience for our members whether it be a workshop, Q&A session, guest speakers, community events, etc. If you want more details about our general meetings, please check the event page posted on our Facebook group page. Check us out!!

Fall 2017

  • 9/18/17: First General Body Meeting
  • 9/25/17: Guest Speaker
  • 10/16/17: Discussion on Christianity in your career
  • 10/30/17: Guest Speaker
  • 11/13/17: Student Panel
  • 11/27/17: Semester wrap-up fellowship


Our first General Body Meeting will be held in the Instructional Center Room 111 on September 9th at 7:00pm. Join us for a time of worship, games, free pizza, and fellowship with other members!

GMMA Biannual Conference

Every two years, GMMA hosts a biannual conference for all the GMMA chapters. This year, the GMMA conference will be held in the Bethel Korean Church at Irvine, California on June 22-23, 2018. Learn more about fundraising opportunities and details regarding the conference in the General Body Meetings. 

Mission Trip

Our mission trip is currently scheduled for 5/8/18 – 5/13/18. We will be going to Honduras with student chapters from the University of South Florida and from the University of Central Florida.

Honduras Mission Trip








Campus Supervisor: 

President: Stephen Lee

Vice President: Eric Park

Secretary: Jenny Son

VP of Finance: Matthew Lee

VP of Communications: Erika Sheng

VP of Events: Kelly Yi

GMMA Student Chapter at Georgia Tech is committed to:

  • Providing a network among Christian students and health professionals to bring about healing towards all nations.
  • Fostering a unique community and fellowship among peers and mentors committed to medical mission and healing ministry.
  • Inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals to passionately give back to the community for the gospel.

Our accomplishments:

  • Bi-weekly meetings to promote networking and mentorship
  • Opportunities for One-Day Mexico Medical Missions, Winter Medical Missions, and Summer Medical Missions
  • GMMA 2018 National Conference

Georgia Tech GMMA has grown to a great extent throughout these past three years, but this is just the beginning. God has a plan to use GMMA for his great kingdom. We aspire to know him more and align ourselves with his vision as his beloved sons and daughters.

Stephen Lee

phone number: 678-232-2347


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about Georgia Tech GMMA and our vision. We are also willing to collaborate with any other organization who may also share our same vision to expand God’s love through our careers as health professionals.

In His Love,

Stephen and the Georgia Tech GMMA Chapter

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