Rachael Lee

President Major: Business
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Fun Fact: I love corgis!
I decided I wanted to pursue medicine while attending business school after being exposed to the self-seeking nature of business, which is the complete opposite of the compassion and service that I wanted to pursue both in life and in my career. Sure, pre-med is competitive, yet I’ve seen time and time again the willingness to help each other not only with academics but also when things get mentally exhausting through kind and encouraging words.
I saw firsthand what it means to be compassionate when I underwent double jaw surgery through my surgeon. He really showed me what it means to take care of people in their most vulnerable state. I think God was really working in him to inspire me to serve His Kingdom in the same way, and I hope to be able to bring healing to the vulnerable all while glorifying His name!”

Michelle Lee

Vice President Major: Psychology
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Fun Fact: I hate cilantro
As a pre-dental student, I have definitely felt overwhelmed at many points. With the cutthroat nature of pre-med culture and the stress that is accompanied by not only maintaining good grades but also keeping up with extracurriculars and research, it is so easy to oftentimes forget that we are people who are called to serve and be kind towards others. GMMA to me is something that I hope can help others not feel that overwhelming pressure associated with the pre-med lifestyle, but to remember the greater purpose in what we are doing, which is to glorify Him and to love others first and foremost. I look forward to doing God’s work through missions and service acts in NYC this year!”

Minjun Park

Secretary-Treasurer Major: Computer Science
Hometown: CA
Fun Fact:

Andrew Kim

Missions Coordinator Major: Psychology
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Fun Fact: west coast, best coast
“I’ve always wanted to go into medicine to treat those who may not have had all the support I personally had been blessed with, wherever they may be. I know God had a huge heart for those who are disadvantaged and during my time here in New York, it is something that God has constantly challenged me to do. But being a pre-med in the city, it is definitely intimidating and hard to find the purpose to do so. Struggling through the constant academic and social pressure is something I’m dealing with all the time and finding a community has not always been easy. GMMA has been the community of brothers and sisters who constantly bless me and build me up. Through the amazing service, fellowship, and mentorship of this community, I am reminded of the purpose and power that God has given us. I am super excited for what God has in store for us at NYU GMMA and look forward to serving with my fellow brothers and sisters!”

Christine Hyun

Public Relations Major: Global Public Health & Biology
Hometown: Claremont, CA
Fun Fact: I’ve seen Avengers Endgame 8 times!
“As believers we are called by God to pursue greater callings with the main purpose of building and glorifying His kingdom, while also sharing the good news with others and through our own lives. Ever since I was a young girl, God has placed a deep passion for medicine and His people on my heart and being able to care for and advocate for greater healthcare for those who need it most is why medicine and public health mean so much to me. GMMA shares this same heart to serve and bless others prayerfully and missionally and I am so thankful for the opportunity to pursue God’s heart for his people here in NYC and beyond!”

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance @ NYU!

The NYU Chapter was founded in 2019, and strives to serve our local community in need in NYC, as well as around the globe.

If you are interested in serving with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out through email! Everyone is welcome, regardless of what school you go to or whether or not you’re in college!

General Meetings

As of May 22, 2020 we are not currently holding general meetings due to COVID-19, but we are meeting with other GMMA student chapters through Zoom for fellowship. If you’d like to join, email us!

We are also currently recruiting for our E-Board: if interested, please email us with the position you are interested in. We are currently looking for a VP, Missions Coordinator, Public Relations Chair, and Secretary. We will get back to you as soon as possible with more details!

Mission Trips

Honduras Mission Trip Jan 11-16, 2020

Email us at nycgmma@gmail.com to find out more about future missions and how you can join!

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