Karissa Yamaguchi 


Joanne Yoo


Angela Zhang

Vice President 

Katy Andress


Bernice Chen 


Karen Ortiz



Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance @ Texas A&M

We are committed to:

  • Provide fellowship and networking opportunities for pre-health students
  • Provide summer medical missions opportunities for pre-health students interested in learning more about medical missions
  • Provide guidance from Christian mentors for students aspiring to become healthcare professionals dedicated to expanding God’s Kingdom

The Texas A&M GMMA chapter was started by Co-presidents Karissa Yamaguchi and Joanne Yoo under the guidance of our advisor, Jorge Alvarado. The officers are members of several local college station churches and are striving to have a heart for service through this organization. The mission of this chapter is to spread the word of God through missions, fellowship, leadership, and love. Our goal is to use this organization to provide medical and spiritual guidance to the community through philanthropy and to missions communities in other parts of the world.

Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Texas A&M GMMA and our vision. Please let us know if you have similar vision, and would like to collaborate or support.

Texas A&M GMMA


General Meetings:
Friday, September 8; 7:00-8:10pm MSC 2406B
Monday, September 18; 7:00-8:10pm Rudder 707
Monday, October 2; 7:00-8:10pm MSC 1400
Monday, October 16; 7:00-8:10pm MSC 1400
Monday, October 30; 7:00-8:10pm Rudder 707
Monday, November 13; 7:00-8:10pm Rudder 707
Monday, November 27; 7:00-8:10pm Rudder 707
Monday, December 11; 7:00-8:10pm Rudder 707


Profit Shares: (College Station, Tx)
Jason’s Deli, October 21; 5pm-9pm
Jason’s Deli, November 4; 5pm-9pm
Jason’s Deli, November 25; 5pm-9pm

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