Bethany Pan

Bethany Pan

President | 4th Year | Pharmaceutical Chemistry

GMMA has a special place in my heart because God put it back in my life, after I thought the opportunity passed. This organization creates a community of students and health professional that helps cultivate passion for healthcare and teach how to serve God through missions. The health professionals lead by example on what is means to glorify God in all aspects of life by serving on missions and sharing their testimonies with. As students, we need to hear that because that is what we strive to do in the future. This relationship provides a mentorship that is founded on Christ’s love and healing, which is something only GMMA can offer. On these missions trips, I saw that modern medicine can be so temporary, but God can give these people eternal life without pain and sickness. It made me realize that I want to do all that I can with modern medicine to heal these people, but I am very thankful that Christ is the absolute healer. My goal with the Davis chapter is to bring together brothers and sisters in Christ all throughout Davis to serve God through medical missions. I hope that you will join us and learn more of what it is like to serve Christ in the healthcare field!

Sarah Kim

Secretary | 3rd | Biological Sciences

When I went on a mission trip before joining GMMA, I was amazed by how much God is able to work through people who have the same missional mindset and who serve as one body in Christ. From that mission trip, I wanted to experience more of God’s work and GMMA is a place where I know I will grow to learn how to faithfully serve God through missions with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Taking part in GMMA means serving with the same heart as Christ, to heal people not just physically, but spiritually. It also helps me be able to live a Christ-centered life with others pursuing the health profession.

Mary Jeong

Vice President | 4th Year | Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

Currently, Mary is majoring in NPB (Neuroscience, Physiology, Behavior Studies) and double minors in Psychology and Global & International Studies. She sees herself doing hospital management to make a change in the corrupt system within hospitals. She wants to get her MD/MBA, even considering looking into biotech startups to start her experience there.

Shauna Cho

Public Relations | 2nd | Biological Sciences

GMMA’s goal is to help prepare future Christian healthcare professionals serve the local community while creating opportunities to send students, like myself, on medical missions. Through my first mission trip (with GMMA), I learned how to serve God whether it’s through the church or in a professional setting. GMMA has taught me how to bear good fruit. Without God as my foundation in any aspect of life, no fruit can bear. Serving in GMMA has truly been a blessing. GMMA has given me a goal in life… to serve God everywhere I go. This is what I have been called to do.

Charles Ryu

Treasurer | 4th | Psychology

GMMA is unique because of the focus on medicine as missions. Not only does it help students who are aspiring to go into the medical field, but it helps to give them a change in perspective. We, the students, learn how to devote our lives not only to physical healing, but also to spiritual healing. We realize these things by working with and seeing God use faithful doctors and missionaries who keep their eyes focused on Christ. I am confident that God will use GMMA to raise up medical students who can go into the world with a clear head and glorify him in all that they do.

Joseph Lim

Missions Coordinator | 5th | Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

GMMA to me is a precious community that I get to pursue my passion with people whom I consider family. I wish to become a health professional not only to pursue underserved community, but to do so to spread Lord’s name in places that has yet to be reached. I believe there is no nobler cause than to devote out time and talent to glorify Lord’s name. GMMA is a place where I am free to pursue such passion, learn and grow from mistakes, not only in practical skills and passion, but also in becoming a God-fearing man. What makes GMMA even more special is that I get to meet people at different stages in not only their professional career, but also their spiritual walk. Being able to meet and talk to older spiritual brothers and sisters have been an important part of my spiritual growth. All in all, God has been using GMMA to bring me to completion, according to his own perfect plan (Phil 1:6).

About UCD Student Chapter

The Davis GMMA student chapter was founded in the spring of 2017, with the approval and support from the GMMA Board Members and prayers from our brother chapters. We are in our inaugural year at Davis, and we hope to sustain this community for future years to come.

Our student chapter comprises of undergraduate students who are seeking academic and spiritual guidance in a Christ-centered community of aspiring health professionals. Our vision for this community is rooted in the gospel, and we hope to serve as a platform that provides mentorship, promotes good stewardship, and encourages fellowship with other brothers and sisters. We welcome everyone with open arms!


We are committed to:

  • Providing a network among Christian students and health professionals to bring about healing towards all nations
  • Fostering a unique community and fellowship among peers and mentors committed to medical mission and healing ministry
  • Inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals to passionately give back to the community for the gospel

General Meetings

Our general meetings (GM) are usually held every other Monday from 7:30-9 PM (location TBA). Our meetings kick off with prayer and praise, and they general consist of: health professional speakers, mentorship, workshops, fellowship, and missions testimonies.

Winter Quarter 2019

GM #3: Mon 2/11 Guest Speaker: Dr. Choi
GM #4: Mon 2/25 Physician Assistant Testimony Sharing

GM #5: Mon 3/11 Study Hall with Snacks


We have a lot of upcoming fundraisers, fellowships, and other GMMA related events planned for the upcoming winter quarter.

Stay tuned for updates!

Mission Trips

Throughout the school year, we will be organizing multiple medical mission trips to bring both physical and spiritual healing to the underserved communities around us. Students from various GMMA student chapters will work alongside health professionals to provide medical treatments and share the gospel to the underserved communities.

2017-2018 Mission Trips

Winter: Dec 16-20 @ Siloé Clinic in Mexico (+ UCB, UCR, Australia chapters)
Spring: March 23-25 (Location TBA)
Summer: TBA

Contact Information:


Please feel free to contact us for any questions, comments, or concerns about UCD GMMA and our vision. All collaborations and interests are welcome!

In His love,
UCD GMMA Chapter

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