UCB GMMA Officers

Katherine An

Katherine An

External President | 4th Year

GMMA is the answer to my prayers. It has provided me with healthcare mentors, expanding my perspective on healing. I’ve witnessed not only physical but also spiritual healing through Christ’s powerful name through missions trips with GMMA. Moreover, I am so grateful that we have the privilege to call GMMA a ministry—we are brothers and sisters in Christ, unified in His spirit and commandment to partake in the Great Commission as disciples of Christ. We welcome you to GMMA—experience God’s mighty vision for our ministry, its students, mentors, and the world with us!

Julia Han

Julia Han

Internal President | 4th Year

Being in a competitive atmosphere like Berkeley, I often lost sight of God’s sovereignty and forgot His promises. During these times, GMMA was an anchor in my relationship with God. I came into GM’s, listened to various speakers or workshops, and was reminded of who I am and why I am pursuing my passions. Through mission trips, I gained a firm perspective of my purpose in God’s kingdom. I met students and health professionals who encouraged and motivated me in my journey. I encourage you to pray about the role GMMA could play in your walk with God, and check out a local chapter near you.

Hannah Tak

Hannah Tak

Vice President | 4th Year

GMMA has been a great blessing in my life. Growing up, I developed a desire to serve people in need and shine God’s light through my actions. Furthermore, I came to believe that becoming a doctor would best enable me to fulfill these dreams. Becoming a part of GMMA has positively influenced my journey, as it allowed me to meet mentors living out their faith in the medical field, and engage with others that share my passions. It has led me to continue to “run with perseverance”, and I hope that it will become a source of encouragement and loving community for you!

Hayoung David Oh

Hayoung David Oh

Secretary | 3rd year

I initially came into UCB pursuing my success and my glory. My idols of a medical career and GPA fueled my endurance but it was short lived as I ended up burning out. However, it was through a GMMA mission trip where God revealed to me that Jesus is the only one worth pursuing. Following Him has allowed the gospel to transform and enrich every aspect of my life! GMMA’s mission, mentorship, community, and local outreach will give you ample opportunities to grow in your faith and see from God’s eternal perspective!

Kristen Masada

Kristen Masada

Treasurer | 3rd Year

To me, GMMA is a firm reminder that God can use even a lowly college student like myself to help further His Kingdom! GMMA is not only a means through which I can explore different healthcare careers, but it’s an opportunity for me to help share God’s love both on campus and overseas. College is a time filled with so much change and uncertainty, so I am super thankful that I’ve had the chance to meet so many caring and dedicated health professionals and such a supportive community of God-loving and science-loving students.

Jayden Kang

Jayden Kang

Public Relations | 2nd Year

Stepping into college as a freshman, I was inexperienced and wanted to explore how I can incorporate my faith into my future career. I had always been interested in health care and prayed that I could go on some kind of medical missions. To my surprise, God answered this prayer through GMMA. Even though I had so many questions about health care and how to survive in Berkeley, the community I found in GMMA patiently taught me how to always turn and fix my eyes on God. Beyond just going to medical missions and receiving mentorship from healthcare professionals, GMMA became a community of brothers and sisters who challenge and encourage me to live for the glory of God in every venture I take.

About UCB Student Chapter

GMMA Student Chapter at Berkeley is committed to:

  • Providing a network among Christian students and health professionals to bring about healing towards all nations.
  • Fostering a unique community and fellowship among peers and mentors committed to medical mission and healing ministry.
  • Inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals to passionately give back to the community for the gospel


Contact us with any questions:  berkeleygmma@gmail.com


We are excited to collaborate with other organizations or professionals who also share our same vision to expand God’s kingdom through our careers as health professionals.


Our Mentors

Dr. David Choi


Jaemin Song

EMT // Medical Student

Grace Song


Sara Dasom Kim

UCB Alum // Post-Grad

General Meetings

Our general meetings (GM) are usually held every other Monday @ 8-9:30PM (209 Dwinelle). Our meetings will usually last about 1.5 – 2 hours consisting of, but not limited to: health professional speakers, mentorship, workshops, and fellowship.

Spring Semester 2019

Jan 28   GM #1 // Info Night
Feb 11   GM #2 // MCAT and Beyond 
Feb 25   GM #3 // February Trip Testimonies
Mar 11   GM #4 // Dr. Alex Guest Speaker
Apr 1     GM #5 // TBD
Apr 15   GM #6 // TBD


Aside from our regular general meetings, we will be announcing fellowship/outing, outreach, fundraising, and other GMMA related events. We have a lot of exciting opportunities for this spring semester! For more details, please visit our GMMA Berkeley Facebook group page.



Mission Trips

Throughout the school year, we will be organizing multiple medical mission trips to bring both physical and spiritual healing to the community around us. A group of missionaries from different GMMA Student Chapters will be sent to medically underserved communities to shadow and provide medical treatment alongside health professionals and most importantly, to spread the love that God has first shown us on the cross.

2018-2019 School Year

Winter Mission Trip  (Dec 15-19, 2018): Mexico

Spring Mission Trip  (Feb 16-17, 2019): Mexico

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