Jisu Eom

Jisu Eom

President | Fourth Year

I joined GMMA because I was inspired by the network of health professionals and students working together with the common interest of serving God using medicine. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing GMMA grow in our UCI chapter. Through this community, I witnessed so much love and compassion for the kingdom of God. It has been such a great privilege to be able to serve and I’m excited for what God can do through GMMA.

Irene Jung

Irene Jung

Vice President | Fourth Year

I adore that GMMA clearly has a sense of urgency. Urgency to preach the Gospel. Urgency to save people. GMMA perfectly understands that our career is God’s vessel for evangelism & missions and supports us students 100% to be spiritually ans skillfully equipped for medical mission trips. I secided to stick to GMMA & serve at GMMA because this is where God solidified my dream to be a medical missionary.
Sophie Lee

Sophie Lee

Secretary | Second Year

GMMA is a lifelong relationship and a growing family that becomes more and more powerful over time. It‘s such a blessing to meet like-minded people who seek to glorify God through every aspect of their lives. In that sense, GMMA is not just a club or a non-profit organization, it is one body of Christ-lovers who share one vision: to make the Lord’s name known and ensure that the gospel and the love of Christ reaches the other side of this world.
Jinseor Kim

Jinseor Kim

External Affairs | Third Year

Joining GMMA has reminded me of my true impetus for pursuing a career in medicine—to glorify God by giving back to the community through my services. Working with like-minded, Christ-centered students and professionals whom I can call family, who humbly love and serve God, really encourages me to do the same and work for Him in all that I do. I hope that as a board member I can continue to make GMMA a community to foster relationships with God in context of academic aspirations.
Katherine Kim

Katherine Kim

Treasurer | Fourth Year

GMMA is a wonderful and unique organization that is allowing me to grow in my faith while pursuing a degree. GMMA is allowing me to see how powerful the work of prayer is for the community and physical body. The approach of holistic healing has defined my future role as a health care professional. Reliable accountability and mentorship are extremely difficult to find in a campus club and I am glad to serve in GMMA.

Chrissie Alexander

Chrissie Alexander

Public Relations | Third Year

GMMA first caught my interest because it’s a unique organization that combines the Christian faith with healthcare. Through GMMA, I was exposed to what it means to pursue a healthcare career to provide holistic healing to those around us. UCI GMMA opened a new path for me to serve and grow alongside other brothers and sisters in Christ who are pursuing not only the similar goals of becoming healthcare professionals but also of becoming more Christ-like in our words and deeds.

Grace Lee

Grace Lee

Missions Coordinator | Third Year

GMMA first caught my interest because it combines my three greatest passions–God, missions, and healthcare. It gives me so much joy to have found a family of brothers and sisters in Christ that share these same three areas of interest. GMMA has provided a setting in which I’ve been able to both flourish as a leader and further ignite my love for missions. During my time in GMMA, I learned that this community accepts me for who I really am–imperfections and all. I am so blessed to be able to join a team of such wonderful people in carrying out God’s glorious work.


The UCI GMMA student chapter started in 2013 as KAMHC @ UCI student chapter. Dr. David Choi and Dr. Sanghoon Ahn both contributed significantly to making of KAMHC @ UCI student chapter and the other student chapters as well. The purpose of student chapters was to allow networking and mentorship between students and doctors with Christ in the center. We aspire to bring pre-health students in college into realms of Christian doctors who vision the Great Commission together with these students. This is done through opportunities that are provided, such as medical missions and volunteering. Contact Information: Jisu Eom ucigmma@gmail.com Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about UCI GMMA and our vision. Please let us know if you have a similar vision, and would like to collaborate or support. John 13:35



Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee

Mentor | Pharmacist

Paul Lee

Paul Lee

Student Mentor

Jennifer Nam

Student Mentor



We meet every even Mondays (Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) @ 7:30 PM at Humanities Hall 178. Meetings consist of prayer, worship, a guest speaker, and fellowship afterward. This quarter we plan to have joint meetings with another UC GMMA chapter, a hands-on workshop, and more. Please come and join us!

Week 1: Informational Meeting + Ice Cream and Churros Social

Week 2: Discovering Career Paths with Dr. Christine Jun

Week 4: Triage Workshop with Nurse Eveline

Week 6: SoCal GMMA Health Panel

Week 8: TBD

Week 10: Praise and Prayer Night



  • November Mission Trip – 11/16/19
    • Location: Mexico
    • Application due 10/12/19 at 11:59 PM
  • Local Missions #1 – 10/18/19
    • Time: 4:30 – 7:00 PM
    • Rescue Mission 


  • We are sponsoring a child from Korea! If you are interested in donating, please go to the Facebook page for more updates on how you can!
  • Sign up for membership! It is NOT mandatory to be a “member” to attend GMMA general meetings. You may still be a part of GMMA as a general member. The purpose of membership is to encourage greater participation and commitment throughout the year. Membership fee is due 10/11/19 at 11:59 PM!

What’s UCI been up to?

UCI GMMA kicked off the new school year with an Ice Cream and Churros Social and an informational meeting! What a wonderful time of getting to know new and returning members, mentors, and supporters over a delicious snack and icebreakers! Here’s to an amazing school year full of bonding, serving, and growing in our knowledge and in Christ!!

Thank you Dr. Christine Jun for coming to talk about her experience as a physician and for sharing about her missions life, both locally and globally! She shared about specializing in palliative care in which she will work with an interdisciplinary team to treat the whole person. It was amazing to get to know how her faith plays a role in her work as she strives to show Christ’s love through her actions!

“We live in our own bubble, and there is this whole world out there that we will never know if we never see.”

Tip: Before choosing your career path, know yourself (identity, purpose, strengths, weaknesses, passions)!


We had our first hands-on workshop of the year yesterday with Nurse Eveline!! Big thank you to Nurse Eveline for teaching about triage, putting together a super fun and interactive triage workshop, and sharing her experiences as a nurse!!

And thank you to those who came and participated!! Hope you all had a fun time



2018 Fall GM #3: Chiropractic Care

Come and join us for our 3rd general meeting of the quarter to meet Dr. Sean Kim, a skilled chiropractor who recently went on the Guatemala missions trip! He will be sharing his testimony about being a chiropractor and about his experience on missions. Also, join us for practical tips on pursuing healthcare and chiropractic care, to learn some helpful stretches, and for everything you need to know about chiropractic! **NOTE TO MEMBERS: Please plan to stay a little after the meeting! We will be going over tips for pre-health majors at UCI so you can hopefully avoid the mistakes we made. Come out with any questions about classes, schedules, professors, resources, etc.! Click here to RSVP!

Welcome to our first GM of Winter quarter! Adapted Physical Education Specialist, Kevin Ma came to talk to us today about his career. He works as a specialist at different schools, always enthusiastic and looking forward to working with kids with special needs. He works alongside other health professionals such as an occupational therapist and physical therapist, collaborating with them in order to better help the children. When he isn’t working at the schools, he teaches VBS at his church. He taught us how VBS really shares the story about the gospel through physical actions, connecting us with those who don’t speak the same language as us. 

Here he is teaching some of the moves to a VBS song.

Thank you Kevin Ma for sharing your experience and teaching us some dance moves!


Thank you to everyone who came out to our meeting, especially our grad panelists who took the time out of their busy schedules to share their journey to where they are today! Here are some of the advice that they had shared with us.

Karo, third year (D.O):

  • School
    • 1st and 2nd year is mostly in the classroom while 3rd and 4th are clinical rotations
    • Work with a different specialist each rotation
    • Schedule varies based on the doctor or whatever the hospital has sent to you; typical hours are from 9-5
  • Why he chose his field
    • Enjoyed biology and chemistry classes
    • Explored different fields with volunteer opportunities and lab and found himself as a natural fit
    • Enjoyed working with the clinicians
  • Advice
    • Take what you learn and apply it to the real world

Audrey, gap year (Pre-med):

  • Wants to do medicine and law
    • Dermatologist (own products and patent)
  • Postdoc at UCLA for science classes
  • Currently a medical assistant at a cardiologist clinic; gets 40 clinical hours a week
  • Why she chose her field
    • Passionate about what she’s doing
      • Loves reading, writing, makeup and skincare
    • GMMA mission trip helped her; hoping to go on more mission trips in the future
  • Advice
    • Dream big, if you want to do something, go for it
    • Think broadly and be creative with what you want to do in the future
    • Think longterm on what you’re going to do in the future; be passionate about it

Serena, first year (PT):

  • Currently doing mostly didactic courses
  • Why she chose her field
    • Went into undergrad thinking she would become a doctor
    • Did an internship for different careers
    • Ultimately chose PT to have a relationship with her patients and to continue to be active

Eveline (Nurse):

  • Got license as a nurse and is currently working as a patient caregiver (personal nurse for the family)
  • Why she chose her field
    • Originally wanted to be a pediatrician but saw how the nurses were the ones who were interacting and taking care of the patients
    • Didn’t want to do all the years of school if she were to pursue pediatrics
    • Many options that comes with nursing
      • Business, teaching

Joanne (DH):

  • Dental hygiene program at USC; overall hygiene and health of her patient (health of mouth, gums, oral health)
  • 2 year program; Associates, Bachelors, or Masters
  • Currently applying to DDS
  • Why she chose her field
    • Originally premed (pediatrician)
    • Took intro to Occupational Therapy and enjoyed it; wanted to become an OT but her parents were not okay with it
    • Liked the aspect of helping older adults
    • Initially forced into dentistry, but gave it a try and volunteered and shadowed dental students
  • Advice
    • You can go into the health field even with a bad GPA! You may have to work harder and it may take longer, but it will be okay!


A couple of our members and post-grad, Audrey, went to UTC for fellowship! 


Nurse Eveline Jho and fellow UCI alum taught us how to do an IV injection, one of the more simple injections that nurses have to do. We provided insulin, alcohol swabs, needles, and oranges in order to practice giving the injection. She demonstrated by:

  1. Taking the cap off the needle provided and injecting it into the insulin
  2. Carefully putting the cap back on the needle by putting the cap on the table or a flat surface and scooping it back on the needle. Once the cap is on the needle, push it down and secure it.
  3. Use the alcohol swab to clean the orange
  4. Take off the cap and make sure there are no bubbles, if there is, tap the needle on the side until there are no more bubbles
  5. Inject the needle into the orange
  6. Once insulin is injected, put the cap back on in the same fashion stated in step 2.
  7. You’re all done!

Here are some pictures of our members giving in injection to their “patients”






Thank you Nurse Eveline for teaching how to do an injection!


Kwang Kim gave a presentation about how we should format our resumes, what activities we should put, what we should exclude, and even showed his very own resume! 

For the first meeting of Spring Quarter, we will be having a grad student health panel! In addition, the new board members will be revealed and March mission testimonies will be shared! Click here to RSVP

Hospice Care with Joseph Choi

Joseph talked about his time in Hospice Care as a Chaplain and the link between volunteers and hospice patients. Instead of focusing purely on the physical aspect of healing, he presented us with the idea of holistic healing and how everyone in addition to physical health has emotional, mental, spiritual, and social health. He believes that one of the biggest lies in the world is the saying that “You can do anything if you put the effort into it; the sky is the limit”. We are all born with physical limitations even though it might not be as obvious. We all have limitations in all 5 aspects of life, but we can always be better than yesterday. 

If you are interested in volunteering, go to CareChoices and sign up! If you happen to know Korean and are available Thursdays 10AM to 2PM (you don’t have to be there the entire time), volunteer to be with patients with dementia at Irvine Bethel Church!

Guest Speaker NP Sofia

NP Sofia shared about her career and her current student life as she is a seminary student. Rather than focusing too much on career, however, she spoke about taking a pause, connecting it to the Sabbath Year in Leviticus 24:1-7 when God tells the Israelites to pause, to Mark 6:31 when Jesus tells the apostles to rest, and Luke 10:38-42 in the contrast between Martha the anxious toiler and Mary who was resting and listening to Jesus. As the students are restlessly working towards their healthcare goals, it is easy to forget to rest–to take a pause. Instead of constantly working and saying everything is for God, it is important to see the difference between working for God and working with God. Working with Him will also encompass working for Him, and there will be time to enjoy the moment. Being with God, we can bring our worries and negative emotions to Him, asking Him to walk with us rather than taking our worries away.

Selah: “Pause and think calmly on that.”

Case Studies and Ultrasound Workshop with MD student, Jennifer Nam

MD student Jennifer Nam went over a couple case studies to introduce UCI GMMA members to FAST Scan, an essential way to check for internal bleeding in the ER using ultrasound. She gave a demonstration on how ultrasound works using a portable ultrasound machine that connects to her phone! Students were also able to try the ultrasound machine on 4 different parts of the body to see organs like the spleen, kidneys, lungs, a BEATING heart (!!!), and eyes!


GM #4: Understanding Mental Health through the Lens of the Gospel

  • 1 suicide every 15 minutes
  • 38,000 suicides in the US each year
    • 90% of suicides related to mental illness
  • 30% of all disability from all medical causes can be attributed to mental disorders (major depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc)
  • ⅕ people suffer from a mental illness currently
  • 50% will have onset by age 14, and 75% by age 24
  • Psych: Greek word “Psukhe”
    • Breath, life, soul, mind/reason
    • Genesis 1:27-28 (image of God, Genesis 2:7)
  • The Genesis 3 Incident:
      • Before the incident, everyone was blissful and mentally level
    • After following the lie of Satan, it lead to a fatal independence from God; led to a captivity of the spirit/mind/soul by Satan
      • Inhabited by sin
        • Changed identity to child of the devil (not because of a sinful life, but because of the INTRODUCTION of sin)
      • Natural consequences of curses such as mental problems
  • Good News: Salvation in Jesus Christ
    • Trying to be good to others, trying to be a good person
      • Is not a BAD thing, but it’s INEFFECTIVE
        • Impossible to take out sin and Satan’s control without God’s help
    • Spirit of God enters; a gift not to be paid for, but to be received
    • Sin removed
    • New identity: child of God
    • Remaining body/mind/spirit state
      • Our mind is part of the flesh
  • “In God’s economy, if He paid for you, He paid for you; once you’re adopted, you’re forever adopted”
  • All people are susceptible to mental suffering, from mild temporary symptoms to severe disease chronic states
    • Flesh level has a sickness; sin is not in the spirit—it’s a battle of the flesh with the spirit


Thank you to Dr. Esther Park and Oak Health Foundation for bringing an evangelistic message about mental health to UCI GMMA!! UCI GMMA members also received their cute shirts after the meeting 🙂

2018 Spring GM #3: Dentistry

For the third meeting of Spring Quarter, we had Joanne Lee, a dental student and Chris Kang, a dentist come and teach us about the world of dentistry! The members were then tested on their knowledge by playing a game of Kahoot. Congrats to the winners, Rachel Lim, Marta Kwak, and Terry Lee!

Older Events and More!

November Mission Trip

Missions testimonies:

Diane Hong (3rd year, Anthropology Major) : Even though Mexico is so broken and torn apart the people continue to find ways and reasons to keep smiling. They choose to look at the good over the bad, and always find the silver lining in every situation. Every single child and patient that I interacted with made me realize how thankful I need to be for God because even in our brokenness he loves us endlessly and continues to pour onto us. He never stops stirring that fire in our hearts. Irene Jung (1st year, biology): From this mission trip, I could realize how big is our God’s love. Seeing this ordinary family building and running a clinic to serve the entire community! How can this happen without God’s amazing grace and love?! I am so grateful that our God is loving and caring God, and we are all his children 🙂 Runrong Kuang (1st year, biology): Going on mission trip to Sileo allowed me find my faith for the first time. It was such a powerful experience, for I had grown spiritually stronger and stronger as I get to know God more. To top off the whole mission trip, I was able to interact with health professionals, which solidified my goals for the future. *check out the photo gallery below for more pictures!

2017 Health Panel

UCI GMMA will be hosting a mini health panel TONIGHT (10/6) @ 7:30PM at SSL270 with the following health professionals who graciously took the time out of their super busy schedules to come to our campus and meet you guys: – Oncologist- Dr. Choi – Anesthesiologist- Dr. Michelle – Podiatrist- Dr. Charles – Family practice/Urology- Dr. Michael – 2 medical students- Simon Kim and Alex Nam

Come with questions and be met with wisdom from and opportunities to network with these health care professionals!!
GMMA Fellowship Night
We are having a fellowship night on October 2, 2017 at 7PM. We’ll be introducing the board members and what we do as a club. We will also be playing a lot of fun games and the winner will get a yummy surprise (You also get free food). Come and join us! Please RSVP by Sunday, October 1, so we can have an accurate head count of who’s coming. P.S. Don’t lose. RSVP HERE!
Post Fellowship Night

Thank you to everyone who came out!

Fellowship night

The punishment for the losing team during fellowship night

UCIxBiolaxUCR GMMA Fellowship
Come out to meet other students from 3 chapters! Pizza and churros will be provided and we will be playing a fun game of Jeopardy as we get to know each other! Please click here in order to RSVP and please click here to sign up for rides!
GM #3 (@Biola)
14632974_1340260889319070_3743556445838401464_n Did you guys have fun with our Biola sisters, Rachel and Janice, at Irvine Lanes last night?! If you’d like to join us next Monday, Nov 7th at Biola to support our sister chapter, please let us know ASAP! Rides will be provided. It’ll be a great opportunity to review your vitals checking skills AND meet our GMMA brothers and sisters! See you there~

General Meeting #1
Hi! We’re having out first general meeting on 10/9 at 7:30PM in SSL 270! We’ll be discussing about the history of GMMA and what we do as an organization. We will also be having mission testimonies from the recent trip to Cambodia. If you have any questions, please refer to the facebook page, thank you!
Post Meeting #1

First general meeting! (10/9)

Our VP Liz

Thanks Bryan for coming out and talking to us.


First general meeting

Thanks to everyone for coming to our first general meeting! We had our past president Bryan Yi give us wonderful advice on what to do to prepare for post-grad.

GM #1 WINTER QUARTER (Week 4, Jan 30th 2017)
The man behind it all, DOCTOR SANG HOON AHN, AKA Doctor Jimmy, AKA Jimmy Hyung, is speaking on our first general meeting of winter quarter 2017! In case you don’t know, Doctor Ahn is the president of the student chapter. But to get to the point, he’s HILARIOUS. He’s an amazing doctor who SPOILS us…a lot. (If you went on mission with Dr. Ahn as the leader, you know exactly what’s up). Everyone really loves this guy, and we’re extremely excited for him to come all the way from LA in his super busy schedule to come and share his insights of his career and how God carried him and continues to carry him in his life. RSVP on our facebook event page! https://www.facebook.com/events/242512599507274/ Location: Social Science Hall 100 Date & Time: January 30th, 2017. 7:30 PM See you guys there!      
GM #1 (Week 2, Oct 3)


Thank you to those of you that made it to the fellowship event or helped us out at the Spam Musubi fundraiser! We sold out by the end of the day! PTL.
We just wanted to remind you that UCI GMMA will be having our FIRST general meeting on OCT. 3RD, MONDAY, 7:30 pm at the social sciences plaza A 1100 (map attached). We’ll be using this time to get to know you on a professional level in terms of your career path, career goals, and introducing you healthcare professionals to network and build relationships.
Check out the GMMA introduction pdf if you haven’t already and make sure you are a part of our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ucigmma/

Post meeting:

14606543_1311030628908763_9109651545682791456_n “What is the most important thing in your life? Some people may say God, but what is the second most important thing? Your spouse to be. If your spouse is messed up, your whole life will be messed up. So forget your profession. Forget everything. Start praying for your spouse to be.” Important life tips from Dr. Choi, our very own love guru :’) Thank you to those of you that came out today! Come out to GM #2 to start vitals training with our one and only President, Bryan who was an Emergency Medical Technician and now works as a Medical Assistant! #cyamonday

2018 Fall GM #3: Chiropractic Care

Come and join us for our 3rd general meeting of the quarter to meet Dr. Sean Kim, a skilled chiropractor who recently went on the Guatemala missions trip! He will be sharing his testimony about being a chiropractor and about his experience on missions. Also, join us for practical tips on pursuing healthcare and chiropractic care, to learn some helpful stretches, and for everything you need to know about chiropractic! **NOTE TO MEMBERS: Please plan to stay a little after the meeting! We will be going over tips for pre-health majors at UCI so you can hopefully avoid the mistakes we made. Come out with any questions about classes, schedules, professors, resources, etc.! Click here to RSVP!

GM #2 (Week 4, Oct 17)
14639604_1317550988256727_3211643926062605571_n FREE VITALS TRAINING AND VALUABLE RESOURCES ON WHAT KIND OF MEDICAL JOBS YOU CAN TAKE AS AN UNDERGRAD??!? What is this you ask? Join us next Monday, Oct 17th at SSPA 1100 to find out more! Missions applications are also coming out so you won’t want to miss out! https://www.facebook.com/events/1619047361727674/?notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1476208885519646#


Hey guys! Hope everyone is studying well for their midterms! Enjoy this little clip highlighting our meeting yesterday 🙂

General Meeting #2
We had Nurse Jennifer come and speak about her journey in becoming a nurse. Afterwards, we had the Nursing Organization come and help us with vitals!
2018 Fall GM #1: Medical Missions

Come out to GMMA’s first general meeting! Dr. Sarah Oh, DDS will be speaking about her experiences on both the mission field and in a clinical environment. We will also be sharing more about the upcoming missions trip as well! Click here to RSVP 😀

GM #3 (Week 8, Nov 14)
15036442_1353335914678234_7083739060184226652_n Our very own GMMA members, along with UCLA just came back from Mexico! Diane Hong, Irene Jung, and Runrong Kuang are sharing their mission testimonies, as it’s some of their first time going on a mission trip! Pastor Justin from Bethel English Church is also speaking on what it looks like to be a Christian healthcare professional in today’s world. Pretty heavy stuff! He’s an amazing pastor and a really loving mentor. He’s extremely excited to meet with you students, so I hope you’re excited to meet him as well =) https://www.facebook.com/events/1787785664827629/


Live-stream of mission testimonies and special sermon by Pastor Justin! https://www.facebook.com/bryan.yi/videos/vb.1077300424/10209214046403038/?type=3&theater    

Photo Gallery:

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