Meet the Board…

Tiffany Kim

President | Senior

To me, GMMA means growing together in Christ and experiencing the true brotherhood/ sisterhood.  Keeping each other accountable and sharing the walk of faith among the board members and the general body of GMMA acts as a great motivation to maintain the intimacy with the Lord. The group has been a home away from home, providing comfort and warmth like the lighthouse in the darkness in the season full of the valleys. I am sincerely thankful to serve for the UCSD chapter of GMMA, and excited to witness the individual and collective growth in the walk with God for each member of our chapter. 

Eleanor Kim

Vice President | Senior

GMMA has been a family who continually supports and challenges me. It is my family of health and Christ focused people that strive to glorify God through their careers and passions. I have many memories from the Mexico Mission trip that I took. I was blessed by the passionate and caring hearts of the healthcare professionals and encouraged by the many pre-health students who are also going through the same things. I was also reminded of how great and sovereign God is and how global our mission is. I am thankful and grateful to be able to give back to this community and be a part of this community that loves others.

Dong Su Kim

Missions | Senior

Erin Park

Secretary | Senior

Jennifer Park

Treasurer| Sophomore

I first discovered GMMA through several members of the organization as they discussed the many ways in which they helped people around the world in both spiritual and physical aspects through medical missions. As a result of these good words about the organization, I felt quite convicted to join GMMA as I believed that its vision to serve less fortunate and less Christ-familiar individuals through medical missions aligned with that of mine. Serving in GMMA is truly a blessing as it guides and advances me towards a life that balances the goal of spreading God’s word and towards a better understanding of potential career paths in medicine.

Summer Lee

Public Relations | Junior

And the Mentor

Sally Kim


Monday General Meetings

Meetings are taken place on Mondays at 8 pm. Please look out for a facebook event every time a GM is announced.


  • 4/8 Week 2 GBM: Speaker Charles Jun, D.O. student and alumnus
  • 4/22 Week 4 GBM: Mexico Mission Trip Testimonies
  • 5/6 Week 6 GBM: TBA
  • 5/20 Week 8 GBM: TBA
  • 6/3 Week 10 GBM: TBA


Last Quarter of the year! We will be meeting every even week this quarter! 

  • 4/15 Week 3: UCSD x UCR  Joint Fellowship
  • 5/25 Week 8: Dinner with Professionals (more information will be posted on our facebook event page)

Wherever you may be, we hope you are finding rest in the Lord! 


Mission Trips

2019 WINTER Mission Trips:

3 Day Mexico  Trip 3/23 – 3/26


6/22-6/27 Paraguay (Application Due: 4/21)

8/2 – 8/8 Honduras (Application Due: 4/19)

8/31 – 9/7 Honduras (Application Due: TBA)

Please continue to pray for the students and professionals preparing to go on these mission trips!


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About UCSD Student Chapter

The UCSD GMMA student chapter started in 2013, when the KAMHC Board decided to empower and supplement the future generation of health professionals to take ownership of God’s calling. GMMA is mainly comprised of undergraduates who seek fellowship and mentorship as they aspire to become health professionals who ultimately want to serve communities both at home and abroad. GMMA provides unique opportunities for students to gain practical hands on experiences for future career paths and refine their identity within their faith.

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