Daniel Kim


As Matthew 28:19 says “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”, my hope is to be a messenger of the Gospel in every aspect of my life. GMMA provided me a way to explore what that truly meant with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ. Furthermore, serving with missional healthcare professionals allowed me to intimately understand what it means to pursue the Great Commission in healthcare. As I continue to witness and partake in the work of the Lord through GMMA, I thank Him for all the incredible challenges, blessings, and spiritual growth He has provided for our members!

Yeo Myong Bang

Vice President External

GMMA has been an integral part of my spiritual journey during my undergraduate years. Through GMMA, I have gained a loving family of like-minded sisters and brothers in Christ with a heart to serve God and those around us. I am thankful that with my GMMA family, we can keep each other accountable, encourage one another and pray for each other, to grow and mature as Christians. With a personal vision to serve as a medical missionary, GMMA prepares me through mentoring and spiritual growth. As a part of the GMMA prayer movement and GMMA medical missions, I have learned the importance of prayer as well as trusting our mighty God in all circumstances. I am thankful God has intentionally allowed every single one of us to become a part of GMMA so that we may be used to glorify Him with our unique gifts He has given us. I am excited to see GMMA Toronto grow and nurture each other, and I pray God will use us to be the salt of the world!

Jenny Kang

Vice President Internal

GMMA has offered opportunities to meet other students and professionals who have a similar vision, to partake in God’s ministry. It is always amazing to see how God has worked through our mentors in their medical career, and I appreciate their dedication to share with us about their life in faith. Not only has GMMA expanded my horizon, it also provided guidance to become and live out my life as a medical missionary. Although there are limitations in medical treatment, God provides what is much greater–spiritual healing–and therefore, I hope to continue building a strong foundation on prayer throughout my studies. I look forward to another year with GMMA Toronto filled with prayers and witnessing the goodness of God!

Alice Shin


Before joining GMMA, I didn’t know if I wanted to pursue nursing at all. However, when I heard mentors and speakers talk about how they use their profession as a way to glorify God and spread the gospel, I realized the purpose for my studies and career. It gave me a sense of direction in life and helped me to focus my life on God. To me, GMMA is and will always be what my nursing career is based off of: God’s relentless love and his grace for all of us. I’m excited to see what God has planned for all GMMA members!

Elsie Oh

Social Media

Through the speakers and mentors of GMMA, God showed me another side of the world where people are lacking medical systems and equipment. I had no idea what I wanted to pursue in the future and how I can glorify God as a mechanical engineer. However, through GMMA, I saw a direction in the biomechanical engineering field where I can use my ability to design medical equipment for people around the world. Not only that, I met so many brothers and sisters who I can share my deepest thoughts with. I am really happy to be a part of the GMMA family and am excited to see what God has planned for me in GMMA.

Grace Lee


I am currently working as a registered acupuncturist in Ontario, Canada with a missionary mind. When I was practicing as a licensed acupuncturist in New York, I met Dr. Susanna Choi who was attending a medical mission conference as a guest speaker. God inspired me with His vision for blessing the world with my acupuncture career through her. A few years later, I met Dr. Peter Chung when he was recruiting people for student chapters of GMMA, but it was not God’s timing for me yet. However, during this pandemic that has kept many people indoors, God opened a door for me to reconnect with GMMA through virtual meetings. When I received the calling to serve as a mentor of GMMA Canada, I obeyed. I strongly feel that God wants us to grow in faith and encourage one another through a mentor and mentee relationship. I believe that the same Holy Spirit who is in each of us will sharpen us for His good works and I want to be a part of that. Additionally, I hope to go on a medical mission trip with GMMA Canada students one day when God opens the door. As a Christian practitioner, I have a dream of establishing a health care center which will also serve as a mission center to worship the Lord, heal and share the gospel with patients, and send medical missionaries into the world. As I seek to follow after God’s own heart, my desire to please God first and foremost in all that I am called to do.

Contact Information

Daniel Kim

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance Toronto. We are a faith-based campus group that strives to nurture Christ-minded students in healthcare, with a focus on missions, prayer, and mentorship. Our chapter serves both the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

We are committed to providing:
– Fellowship and networking opportunities for pre-health students
– Annual medical missions opportunities
– A community to share prayer requests and partake in the GMMA prayer movement
– Guidance from Christian mentors for students dedicated to expanding God’s Kingdom

Like everyone else, this year we were required to make drastic adjustments in our daily lives and future plans. However, we decided to view this seemingly backward step as a strategic withdrawal for a better step forward. Our focus is to regain the missional perspective and go deeper in our faith with the time and distance afforded to us through these circumstances. We thank and trust in the Lord for this opportunity, and as we pray for all those afflicted by this pandemic, we ask the Lord to use this crisis as a precedent for a great renewal of unwavering faith and missional spirit.

Please feel free to contact us if you share a similar vision or have any questions about GMMA Toronto. All collaboration and interest are welcome!

In grace and peace,
GMMA Toronto Chapter


GMMA Toronto is officially back for the 2020-2021 year! Our general meetings are held through Zoom (link in Instagram bio) on bi-weekly Mondays at 7pm ESTFollow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!


Mission Trips/Conference: Due to COVID-19, all GMMA missions are cancelled until further notice.

2020 Fall Semester

Week 1 (9/14): Mission sharing and Q&A
Week 2 (9/28): Dr. Peter Chung – GMMA introduction
Week 3 (10/19): “Finding God’s Will” – presentation and discussion
Week 4 (11/2): Missionary Lee – video and discussion
Week 5 (11/16): Acupuncturist Grace Lee – presentation and discussion
Week 6 (11/30): Chapter collaboration with GMMA Western

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