President: Grace Oh

1st Year Pharmacy Grad Student

“‘I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.’ This is a quote by CS Lewis that I resonate well with. The gospel speaks of a love greater than what any man in this world can offer. The gospel has transformed my life in such radical ways. I wish for the whole world to encounter this all-consuming, unfathomable love of Christ.” 


Vice President: Jennifer Jung

3rd Year Biology Undergrad Student

“Through these medical missions, I’ve been able to experience the gospel in a more deep, tangible way. GMMA gives students the opportunity to see how their future aspirations can be used to spread the gospel and serve the kingdom of God.  It has been so inspiring and such a blessing to work with other students and health professionals who are so dedicated to living a life for Christ.”

Secretary: Sarah Park

1st Year Pre-Pharmacy Undergrad Student

“There are many times when I tend to doubt myself about the many things that happen in life like school, faith, and connections. But God tells me every time to just believe and trust in Him and to give my burdens onto Him so that I no longer get stressed. He takes away all the darkness away from me and leaves me with His unfailing love. I wish that the world would be able to feel or even sense His love for us.”

Treasurer: Jane Ham

1st Year Pre-Pharmacy Undergrad Student

“God is good all the time. He has been so good to me throughout my whole life and having the opportunity to give back to God’s people through GMMA is so incredible. I can’t wait to go on a mission trip with GMMA and see how God works through us and the health professionals.”

Public Relations: Jocelyn Cheung

1st Year Pre-Pharmacy Undergrad Student

“God has blessed me and provided so much for me that I want to be able to give back to Him through missions. I hope to spread the love of God with everyone I encounter because He has given me such an indescribable sense of joy and peace that I cannot keep to myself. I’m excited to be able to share God’s love, and I feel so privileged to be a part of GMMA. I can’t wait to see how God will use me through missions.”

Mission Coordinator: Joyce Choi

1st Year Pre-Dentistry Undergrad Student

“What I love about GMMA is the permanent relationships we gain from it. Not only do we get first hand experience with medical professionals, but we get to form unforgettable friendships with those we meet on missions and grow in Christ with our brothers and sisters. I’m so blessed to serve in GMMA and be a part of this incredible journey. My vision for UOP’s chapter is for us to serve with Christ-centered hearts and to share the love of Christ within our campus as well as to the places we go. I’m very excited to see each and every one of us grow and fulfill our duties as children of God.”



General Meetings

Weekly Thursdays

8:00 PM in WPC 219

Come for a time of fellowship!


Follow our UOP GMMA Facebook group for more updates and announcements!

Mission Trips

April 14: Tijuana (1 day)

  • Grace, Jennifer, Jocelyn, Joyce, Derrick, Christina


June 24-27: Mexico


Prayer Requests

-Summer missions trips
-new board for 2018-2019 school year

Contact Information:

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance @ UOP!

We are committed to:

– Provide fellowship and networking opportunities for pre-health students

– Provide summer medical missions opportunities for pre-health students interested in learning more about medical missions

– Provide guidance from Christian mentors for students aspiring to become healthcare professionals dedicated to expanding God’s Kingdo

Our mission statement is:

To bring and promote Christ-centered missional life to the body of health care professionals, students, and partners.


The UOP GMMA student chapter started January 2018.

Contact Information:
Grace Oh

Campus Supervisor: Dr. William Chan 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about UOP GMMA and our vision. Please let us know if you have similar vision, and would like to collaborate or support.



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