Meet our 2019-2020 officers!

Sharon Choe


“My time as a member of the GMMA family has been a highlight of my college experience. Through serving on medical mission trips, partaking in local outreach, and meeting students and health professionals, I have experienced God’s love and have tangibly observed His work being done. GMMA has encouraged me greatly and constantly serves as a reminder of why I’m pursuing medicine and what I will be able to do as a health professional to serve those in need. My first mission to Mexico with GMMA during my freshman year really opened my eyes to how God can use health professionals to not only physically but also spiritually heal His people. My passion for GMMA and its mission are what have led me to serve USC GMMA as an officer, and I’m excited to see all that God has in store for our chapter this year.”

MAJOR : Human Biology


Esther Chu

Missions Coordinator

There is this special kind of environment that I believe only GMMA specifically has been able to help foster the growth of collegians like myself in our spiritual, academic, and emotional maturity. GMMA provides special opportunities for us to go on missions beginning at a young age, making it a huge blessing, as such things don’t simply fall into our hands. Being a part of GMMA has constantly reminded me that as much as school life and our careers are important, we must remember that our first priority should always be God. As students with the similar mindset of dedicating their skills and hearts to physically and spiritually heal as God’s servants gather together in one space,  GMMA provides a sense of comfort and security as one family and body of Christ. Being a part of GMMA has done helped me grow a bigger missional heart, slowly learn how to love on others through His eyes, and become more confident by the day about proclaiming God’s unconditional and relentless love for all His people.

MAJOR : Health & Human Sciences

Irene Lee

Internal Relations

GMMA is an organization that allows us college students to be vulnerable and be centered around Christ despite being in such a distracted environment. By focusing on the gospel with like minded people, we are able to learn about what it means to be a servant of God and faithfully listen to God and follow His commands in where we are placed. We are able to develop a missional heart and see first hand how our knowledge in the medical field really assists those in need, not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally. GMMA means becoming a better equipped disciple with others who want to know God more.”

MAJOR: Human Biology

Jared Park

Public Relations

GMMA fosters a community that distinguishes itself through an incredibly powerful intersection between one’s Christian faith and passion for the medical field. GMMA has allowed me to gain better insight into what the medical field has to offer. But, more than that, it allows me to connect with other people that recognize the importance in glorifying God in the health field. GMMA does a fantastic job in providing amazing perspectives through biweekly opportunities to meet people in different realms of the health field. I am proud to be able to serve Him in a ministry as powerful and as special as GMMA. I see my time serving in GMMA as a time to grow very seriously both as a pre-med student and as a believer in Christ.”

MAJOR : Neuroscience

Daniel Roh


GMMA is a great organization because it allows Christians in the professional healthcare field to exercise their faith through their career. Within any professional field, it becomes difficult to put God at the center and it becomes easier to solidify our identity as a Sunday Christian but not an everyday Christian. By working with medical professionals, GMMA allows us to use our studies and work as a form of worship.

MAJOR : Biochemistry

Agustin Kang

Praise Leader

MAJOR : Neuroscience


Our USC GMMA student chapter was established back in 2013 as KAMHC @ USC. Through the caring mentorship and active shaping done by Dr. Sanghoon Ahn, our chapter has experienced significant growth throughout the years. As a student chapter comprised mostly of undergraduate students, we hope that GMMA acts as a shepherding aid for young, budding Christians on campus. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify Jesus as one body and we aspire to do so by providing tangible, practical ways for Pre-Health students to implement their faith. Because college is a pivotal episode for many, we wish that GMMA serves as a guiding prelude of one’s walk with God transitioning into adulthood. Thus, we desire for Pre-Health students to hone in on God’s purpose for them during their undergraduate years so that they can dive into their professions with an armored heart for God. We hope that through GMMA, young collegians can cultivate a yearning for His Kingdom to come down not only onto our campus, but also overseas.

Our current goals are:

  1. Coordinate bi-weekly general meetings to facilitate Christ-centered networking and mentorship.
  2. Provide fellowship opportunities amongst students outside of our general meetings.
  3. Implement semesterly Mexico mission trips throughout the school year.
  4. Provide short-term Summer medical missions opportunities for students.
  5. Promote a global, missional culture on campus.

We pray that our organization and our vision is grounded on the merciful grace of Christ. We hope that as we continually expand on our campus and into the rest of the world that we maintain steadfast humility and a serving heart for our community and one another.



USC GMMA is back for the spring semester! Our GMs are held biweekly on Mondays, starting 1/27. Check the schedule below, stay updated on social media, and email us to be placed on the email list for meeting reminders. Hope to see you there!

Mission Trip

Our spring mission trip application will be released 2/3! We’ll be sending out a team to Mexico on April 18th. Stay updated by following us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts! Applications are due on Friday, February 28th @ 11:59 PM.

General Meetings

WPH 102 @ 8 p.m.

Our General Meetings are held at WPH 102 (Waite Philips Hall across THH) at 8 p.m. These meetings are held every two weeks, and we welcome everyone to come out!

Spring 2020 Schedule:

Week 1 (Jan 15) – Involvement Fair

Week 3 (Jan 27) – GM #1 – Intro to GMMA (free pizza!)

Week 5 (Feb 10) – GM #2 – TBA

Week 7  (Feb 24) – GM #3 – Speaker: Christine Lum, Medical Student (USC Keck)

Week 9  (Mar 9) – GM #4 – Joint Meeting with Pomona GMMA (Speaker: Dr. Chi Chung, MD, Surgeon)

Week 11  (Mar 30) – GM #5 – Speaker: Dr. James Yoon, MD, Family Medicine

Week 13 (Apr 13) – GM #6 – TBA

Week 13  (Apr 18) – One-Day Medical Mission to Mexico

Week 15 – (Apr 27) – GM #7 – Mission Testimonies + Sandwich Making for Homeless Shelter

Week 16 Good Luck on Finals!!

Contact Information:
Sharon Choe

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, comments, or concerns about USC GMMA and our vision.
All collaborations and interests are welcome!

In Him, Sharon Choe and USC GMMA

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