Thomas Won


“I became involved with GMMA because of the approach it takes towards missions. GMMA shows how medical missions can involve God, and by doing so, it effectively brings not only physical healing and hope, but also spiritual restoration and revival. It is inspiring to see that through our career aspirations and various healthcare professions, God can tangibly encounter His people through his servants.”MAJOR : Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

MAJOR : Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Cathrine Ha

External Vice President

“Though many say college is the “best time of your life,” it’s also a time where you can feel so little, lost, and hopeless—a journey to finding one’s identity in the world is daunting and paralyzing. It’s essential for us Christians to have our lives centered around a vision that is God-fearing and God-loving. GMMA harnessed opportunities for me to hear God’s voice in my life amidst my studies and the worldly distractions I face daily as a college student. Placed at the intersection between my spirituality and professional goals, GMMA allowed me to develop a better, practical understanding of who God wants me to be in this world.”

MAJOR : Gender Studies & Health & Human Sciences

Joseph Bae

Internal Vice President

“GMMA is an incredible organization that intersects the field of healthcare and Christianity. It is truly a blessing to be a part of a community of such qualified and Christ-minded individuals, and I can really see God moving through it. Throughout this year, I hope to contribute to the growth and development of USC’s GMMA student chapter as well as the organization as a whole. Fight on!”

MAJOR: Medical Biophysics

Sarah Lee


“One thing I love about GMMA is the relationship you build with fellow students and healthcare professionals. Not only do you learn about different medical fields, but you also come together as brothers and sisters in Christ to serve the local community. This organization made me realize that there’s more to life than just having a job and earning a stable income. In the future, I hope to continue going on medical missions trips and spread the word of God.”

MAJOR : Psychology

MINOR : Natural Science

Erica Kim

Public Relations

GMMA is an organization that is different from many others because it provides mentorship and relationships amongst Christians who have a passion for the medical field. Not only does it provide guidance in a professional sense, but also in a spiritual sense, teaching prospective medical students the true meaning of glorifying God through their works. By mobilizing collegians through medical missions, GMMA embodies the possibilities of physical and spiritual healing, as we serve others, through the love of God. Through GMMA, I am able to express my passion for missions, relationships, and medicine, which ultimately magnifies my love for GMMA.”

MAJOR : Health & Human Sciences

Johnny Lee


“GMMA has been such a blessing to me by providing an environment in which I have been given an opportunity to develop and strengthen my professional career, as well as experience God’s power and love through the mission trips. GMMA has given me a clearer goal and purpose in my life as I’ve been blessed to see so many Christ-centered health professionals who dedicate their lives and professions to God for His greater plans. Additionally, the communities of God-loving people whom I’ve been very lucky to work with on mission trips are those that I’ve formed lifelong relationships with that continue to encourage my spiritual growth. If you are looking for a community of pre-health students as well as a way to deepen your relationships with God, GMMA is the perfect place that will satisfy both your desires.”

MAJOR : Biochemistry

The USC GMMA student chapter began in 2013 as KAMHC @ USC. Dr. Sanghoon Ahn has made a significant impact in our community and shaped KAMHC to grow into GMMA today. Our student chapter consists of undergraduate students and we desire to build relationships not only with the doctors but amongst ourselves as well. The purpose of the student chapter is to create networking and mentorship through Christ. We have a passion to cultivate pre-health students to live for a greater purpose, and to desire His Kingdom to come down on our campus and overseas.

Our current goals are:

  1. Coordinate bi-weekly general meetings to allow networking and mentorship
  2. Provide fellowship opportunities outside of our general meetings
  3. Implement semesterly Mexico Mission trips
  4. Provide Short-term Summer Medical Missions opportunities
  5. Promote a mission and a global minded culture amongst the students

The entirety of our organization and our vision are achieved through the merciful grace, love, and faith of Christ. We pray that as we continue to expand throughout our campus and into the world, we will maintain steadfast humility in the ways we serve our community and one another.


General Meetings

General Meetings are held every other Monday at 8pm in SOS B4. Meetings usually last about 1 hour and include a time of worship, prayer, and a health professional guest speaker. This semester we will also hold a resume workshop, joint meetings with UCLA and Biola student chapters, and perhaps even a CPR training session. Please check out our Facebook group and event pages to see what we are up to!


Our next meeting will be Monday, October 9 with dentist, Dr. Jason Gee!


Mission Trip

Fall Missions Trip – October 28.

Applications will be out shortly.

Fall Semester 2017

August 28                   USC GMMA Introduction with Dr. Iris Lee, DO
September 11            Bowling & In-N-Out Fellowship
September 25            Dr. Robert Mun – Pharmacist
October 9                    Dr. Jason Gee – Dentist
October 28                 1-Day Mexico Misson Trip

Contact Information:
Thomas Won

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, comments, or concerns about USC GMMA and our vision.
All collaborations and interests are welcome!

In Him, Thomas Won and USC GMMA

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