Dominique Mercader

Dominique Mercader


GMMA has impacted me by allowing me to see what God has called me to do with my life. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but I was never sure if that was my purpose in life. On my very first medical mission trip with GMMA, our health professional mentors had opened my eyes, showing me how I can use medicine to glorify Christ. I want to show to the world that though Jesus may have the power to physically heal you, he also has the power that can spiritually heal you. Being spiritually healed brings more comfort and assurance in the hope and trust of the Lord.

Gabrielle Escobar

Gabrielle Escobar

Vice President

Despite growing up in a Christian-based family, I chose to continue having a relationship with God coming into college and nurturing it through ministry and serving. GMMA is fairly new to me, however, I look forward to see how God will use me through GMMA as its vice president and vessel.

Le'Ann An

Le'Ann An


Despite wanting to pursue the medical field for years, my faith in the Lord is relatively new. Entering college, He led me to GMMA as an opportunity to intertwine my passions and showed me that while I prepare for medical school, I can continue to grow spiritually. Although I am quite new to GMMA, I am excited for what God has in store for us.

Elliott Chon

Elliott Chon


GMMA impacted me on representing what it means to not only be strong in my faith, but also to apply it in real world situations. This club gave me great opportunities to apply what I learned both in school and church to those I have met and interacted with on mission trips and fellow colleagues.

Conner Merrimam

Conner Merrimam

Missions Coordinator

“GMMA provided me with a support group of fellow believers who are determined to make a difference. Being a member of GMMA has not only grown my faith, but it has shown me that my faith and desire to pursue medicine can go hand-in-hand and be used to make an impact in people’s lives.”

Welcome to the University of South Florida Student Chapter of Global Medical Missions Alliance!

Our executive committee members come from different churches around the Tampa area as well as on campus. We are working diligently and faithfully to uplift those within our reach and let them experience God’s light. Our Chapter aspires to establish networking and mentorship in order to edify one another in pursuit of a Christ centered life. We want to mobilize students with passion to serve, and cultivate it so that they may serve for the greater purpose.

Campus Chapter Goals:

  • Have bi-weekly general body meetings (GBM) to provide networking and fellowship.
  •  Provide fellowship opportunities outside of GBMs such as socials with events at multiple churches.
  •  Provide opportunities to serve in domestic and international communities.
  •  Implement mentorship opportunities.

GBMs, Socials, and Fundraisers

GBM #2 : Worship Night & interest meeting (11/21 | MSC 2703 | 9 – 10 pm)

Stay updated on BullSync, Instagram, or Facebook for our general body meetings, socials, and fundraisers schedule.

We can’t wait to meet and see you!



Check either our instagram or facebook for more information about our next GBM!

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GBM 1 : GMMA interest meeting (10/24 @ 7:30 pm)
– Introduction of officers, background of GMMA, and praise & worship

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Contact Information:
Dominique Mercader

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about USF GMMA and our vision. Please let us know if you have similar vision, and would like to collaborate or support.


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