Ansley Chou

Ansley Chou


In the long term, my personal vision is to help me, as well as others who wish to be a health-professional, grow as a Christ-centered physician while serving others and spreading love.

Abel Ross

Abel Ross

Vice President

GMMA is a unique medium and opportunity that God has opened in order to allow brothers and sisters in Christ to come together to encourage, disciple, and grow together in Christ! Through GMMA God allows me to be a part of His plan and I am so grateful to be a part of His will! I am so thrilled and excited to be able to share the ministry and love of Christ through GMMA!

Joon Kim

Joon Kim


My vision for GMMA is to not only serve others through the use of medicine but to spread my faith and influence other towards Christ. GMMA is a great platform for students to really profess their love for Him.

Derryck Roque

Derryck Roque

Social Media Coordinator

I envision GMMA as an organization that stands together in unifying the word with both Medicine and God’s Word

Christian Yang

Christian Yang

Membership Director

I hope and pray to serve my fellow brothers and sisters, from here to all of the nations, through acts of service, love, and kindness.  I see GMMA as that wonderful, God- given opportunity to do so

Jasmin Kim

Jasmin Kim

Fundraising Coordinator

I think of GMMA as a great opportunity to serve fellow brothers and sisters in Christ

Jeanne Yun

Jeanne Yun

Co-Missions Liaison

I hope that GMMA at USF becomes a place filled with kind and loving people who love to serve and help others.

Bethzaly Rivera

Bethzaly Rivera

Co-Missions Liaison

GMMA was a prayer answered. I’ve always wanted to combine my love for medical help and my passion for missions and that’s what GMMA is about. I’m glad that I’m more involved this year, I know that our GMMA will grow at USF and that we’ll gather a fantastic squad. Even so, I hope we always remember to always give the glory and honor to God because He is our foundation. I’m excited for the many souls that will be reached not only on our mission trips but in our very own community!

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance @ University of South Florida

The USF GMMA student chapter started under the guidance of Dr. Peter Chung, Pastor Julius An, and two undergraduates: Kyung Woo Hong and Ansley Chou. The majority of the officers are members of Hill City Church, and have worked relentlessly to bring an organization that shines God’s light onto this campus. Our Chapter aspires to establish networking and mentor ship in order to edify one another in pursuit of a Christ centered life. We want to mobilize students with passion to serve, and cultivate it so that they may serve for the greater purpose.

Campus Chapter Goals:

  • Have bi-weekly general body meetings (GBM) to provide networking and fellowship.
  •  Provide fellowship opportunities outside of GBMs.
  •  Provide opportunities to serve in domestic and international communities.
  •  Implement mentorship opportunities.

General Meetings

Location: USF Marshall Student Center Room 3704
Time: 7-8:45 PM

2018 Spring Semester GBMs:

First GBM Of Fall Semester
What’s a Mission Trip?
Speaker: USF GMMA Mexico Missions Team

Medical Student Health Panel
Speakers: Students from USF Morsani College of Medicine

2017 Fall Semester GBMs:
First GBM of the Fall Semester
What is GMMA?
Guest Speaker: Dr. Peter Chung
President of Global Medical Missions Alliance

CANCELLED due to Hurricane Irma
Guest Speaker: The Bergsons
Missionaries from Brazil

Health Professionals Panel
Speaker: Christian Medical and Dental Associations

Speakers: The Leone’s

Worship & Fellowship

Workshop: How to Take Vitals
Fellowship, Praise, Potluck



SPRING 2018 Fundraisers:

  • Monday, February 21
    • Location: USF Library
    • Bobacup: Taro and Thai Milk Tea
    • 4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620
  • Thursday, March 29
    • Location: USF Library
    • 4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620
  • Thursday, April 12
    • Location USF Library
    • 4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620

FALL 2017 Fundraisers:

  • Thursday, September 14
    • Location: Time Space Cafe
    • 5503 E Fowler Ave, Temple Terrace, FL 33617
  • Friday, October 13
    • Location: USF Library
    • 4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620

Mission Trips: TBA

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Saturday, September 23
    • Location: Metropolitan Ministries
    • 2002 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602
  • Thursday, October 5
    • Location: Hope Lodge
    • 12810 USF Magnolia Drive, Tampa, FL 3361
  • Friday, October 20
    • Location: Metropolitan Ministries
    • 2002 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602

Fellowships: TBA



General Meeting Recaps

2018 Spring Semester

  • Week 2 Meeting (2/21/18)
    • Guest Speaker: Joonkyung Kim and Tim Koo, Students of USF Morsani College of Health
    • The two students shared their experiences of medical school and how their faith is working in their lives
  • Week 1 Meeting (1/24/18)
    • Guest Speaker: USF GMMA Mexico Missions Team
    • Introduction to GMMA as well as Honduras Mission Trip
    • We broke up into small groups, with the team sharing their experiences of the trip and answering questions

2017 Fall Semester

  • Week 4 Meeting (10/11):
    • Guest Speaker: Dr. Andrew and Christina Leone
    • The two doctors discusses their relationship with each other and Christ
    • They also talked about how God is calling them to spread the Word to Honduras
  • Week 3 Meeting (9/27):
    • Guest Speaker: USF Mexico Mission Team
    • 5 Members of the Team spoke of their experience on the trip
    • President Ansley Chou presented a PowerPoint, showcasing what the team did on the trip
  • Week 2 Meeting (9/13):
    • Cancelled due to Hurricane Irma
  • Week 1 meeting (8/30):
    • Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Chung, President of GMMA
    • He spoke to our members about what GMMA is and what we do
    • E-board members introduced themselves to chapter and shared plans for the year

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Contact Information:
Ansley Chou

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about USF GMMA and our vision. Please let us know if you have similar vision, and would like to collaborate or support.


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