John Lee

John Lee

Texas Regional GMMA Representative

When I first heard about GMMA, I was just really excited about missions. Before than I never really had any thought on missions. I just wanted a stable life. But I truly believe God placed in me a heart for missions through GMMA. I’m excited to live out that desire to serve God through GMMA, and hopefully allow others to also find a purpose in God if they have not already.
Justin Yun

Justin Yun

Texas Regional Mission Coordinator

My vision for GMMA is for it to be the catalyst to spark change by serving others in the name of Christ. This organization is meant to bring people together as a community that rely on each other to better glorify Him by opening opportunities to serve. Not only will we be better prepared in the medical field, but also be better servants.

Jonathan Choi

Jonathan Choi


I joined GMMA so that I could find a sense of vision and purpose of how I could glorify God in my future career. GMMA is a unique organization that incorporates faith and medicine which I was looking for. There are many different medical organizations on campus, but many of them would compromise the faith aspect I was seeking, whether it be by hosting parties or neglecting the part of spiritual healing. I’m excited to be part of the UT GMMA Chapter! It’s an amazing opportunity to serve God and grow with other brothers and sisters of Christ who share the same aspirations as I do!

Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim

Vice President

GMMA has taught me about the power of a spiritual community to heal those in need. The continuous and committed involvement in the communities we reach out to has shown to me how GMMA can transform lives both physically and spiritually. In addition, the presence of great wisdom and spiritual strength seen in the mentoring health professionals and fellow students has been a testament to how the Lord is shaping future leaders. Through my involvement in GMMA, I strive to become a similar mentor to others in their spiritual faith.
Alex Heo

Alex Heo

Missions Coordinator

GMMA serves a special purpose for his Kingdom on earth. It is a community of servants of God who come together to humbly work and serve the people He loves. Whether it’d be medical, business, or engineering, we all bow down before the sovereignty of God who governs all of this experience and connections. GMMA is special because it is based on the sole foundation that Jesus is love and He loves His people; we yearn to be obedient to be this calling and commandment.
Jimin Kim

Jimin Kim


God used GMMA to change my life with the role models He set up in my life. They have taught me the true meaning of love and our heart for our Lord. There is also an ignited passion now spreads like a fire throughout the whole GMMA community, and that passion pushes us to go out and serve Him as His light and salt in this world. Combined, that passion and our role models have taught me how to glorify God, worship Him, and spend time with Him every second of my everyday, at home, school, or even work.

April Kwon

April Kwon


Through GMMA, God has revealed to me how faithful and powerful He really is. He brought me to this organization and placed in me a heart for missions and service, teaching me humility and love along the way. How lucky are we to have the opportunity to bring healing not only physically, but also spiritually by allowing the Spirit to work through us!! I am eager to watch GMMA continue to grow and be known as an organization that shines Christ’s light onto others.
Rebecca Choi

Rebecca Choi


GMMA is more than just a medical mission organization. Under all the events, training and medical missions trips, is the love of our Father. Whether we are serving in our campus, in our city, or across borders internationally, we focus on both physical and spiritual healing. Through prayer and in spirit we are filled with a passion to serve. Personally, GMMA has helped me see how I could glorify God, now as a student and in the future as a medical professional. Here, I have found a group of brothers and sisters who share the same passion and love for God and his people.

Andrew Choi

Andrew Choi

Public Relations

I think GMMA is one of the only organizations that provides mental, physical and spiritual healing to those who truly desire it. Most people will never be able to physically see God but his presence is made real by the fact that we show an unconditional love for our brothers and sisters. GMMA is a special opportunity to share that love with God, with those who receive medical healing and with each other. I joined GMMA because it provides those things and prepares us for the medical field in a Christ-centered way.
Min Kim

Min Kim

Events Coordinator

I found GMMA so incredible because of its passion for Christ and commitment to spread His Word and glorify His name. Beyond the medical and professional aspects, GMMA, to me, represents a community of brothers and sisters who encourage one another, keep each other accountable, and, together, pursue and build up the Kingdom of God through the unique gifts and callings we have received. These Christ-centered relationships have strengthened my faith, kindled in me a fire to truly serve and love, and humbled me in realizing that what we do on-campus and abroad is not of our own ability nor for our personal gain; it is by the grace and power of God and all for His Name and Glory.
The UT Austin GMMA chapter was founded in 2015 under the guidance of Dr. Peter Chung and Dr. Yong Sik Kim. Our goal is to be witnesses to the light in our campus and in the mission field. Not only that, but through GMMA we plan to empower and provide networking for the students, and allow them to develop a God-centered lifestyle with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

General Meeting

FALL 2018SPRING 2019

1st General Meeting: September 6, 2018 @ CAL 100 | 6 pm
2nd General Meeting: September 20, 2018 @ MEZ 0.306 | 6 pm
3rd General Meeting: October 4, 2018 @ MEZ 0.306 | 6 pm
4th General Meeting: October 18, 2018 @ MEZ 0.306 | 6 pm
5th General Meeting: November 1, 2018 @ MEZ 0.306 | 6 pm


Social Event: Barton Creek: September 29, 2018 (Saturday) – 4 pm
Social Event: Early Morning Prayer + Juan in a Million October 27, 2018 (Saturday) – 7 am

**Membership Due: By 3rd GM


Mission Trip

2018-19 School Year

Summer Mission: Zaragoza, Mexico

Set dates: TBD | TBD

UT Liability Disclaimer: No University of Texas at Austin student, faculty, or staff can be required to travel to a Restricted Region ( Any participation in travel to a Restricted Region is strictly voluntary, and the participant assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with this travel.


Please congratulate your 2018-2019 GMMA UT AUSTIN OFFICER BOARD!
Texas Regional GMMA Representative: John Lee
Texas Regional Mission Coordinator: Justin Yun
President: Jonathan Choi
Vice President: Joseph Kim
Mission Coordinator: Alex Heo
Secretary: Jimin Kim
Treasurer: April Kwon
Historian: Rebecca Choi
Public Relations: Andrew Choi
Events Coordinator: Min Kim

Please welcome and pray for two new chapters in Texas: Texas A&M University (TAMU) and University of Houston (UH)! Also, please pray for the following chapter in progress: University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)


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