Peter Choi


Major: Music

Career Interest: Physician’s Assistant

Hi, my name is Peter and I am a fourth year at UVA studying music. My plan is to become a PA in the future. I have been in GMMA for all four years of college and this is my third year serving and the biggest reason behind this is because I have learned and been given so much through GMMA. I believe that God truly called me to serve for GMMA because he knew my heart was broken and divided. God took someone as broken as me to be his righteous servant and opened my eyes to His grace. Often we lose sight of God or our faith becomes complacent  in our respective spiritual lives and as I began to experience this myself, God challenged me to step up and serve in places of need. As much as GMMA needed me to serve, I needed GMMA that much more to understand God and improve my relationship with Him. I serve GMMA out of pure joy because I have received so much.”

Joanne Yoon

Vice President

Major: Cognitive Science

Career Interest: Physician’s Assistant

“Missions has been a very important part of my walk with God, but I found it to be difficult to imagine combining missions and my future profession. So, I went on a GMMA mission trip to Honduras in January 2019 and God revealed to me how helping others medically is a beautiful opportunity to share the gospel and the love of Christ. When we seek to fulfill the command of the Great Commission, God shows us a glimpse of the Father’s heart and it truly is extravagant. As we continue to serve with this goal in mind, I am excited to be a part of the work that God will continue to make through GMMA to raise up servant medical professionals.”


Isabel Oh

Missions Coordinator

Major: Psychology

Career Interest: Undecided

“From coming to UVA and finding out about GMMA, to going on the mission trip I cannot say that it was my decisions that have led me to where I stand today. Under God’s guidance he has led me through experiences that are constantly shaping who I am. With gratitude and excitement for what God has in plan for me I serve. I am glad to be serving our GMMA chapter for It is yet another opportunity for growth, and an environment to practice God’s love for his people.”

Grace Lee


Major: Biology

Career Interest: Medicine

Hello! My name is Harang (Grace) Lee, a third-year at the University of Virginia majoring in Biology. My passion lies in seeing children grow having a healthy childhood and thus I dream to become a pediatrician. To tell a little bit more about myself, I grew up in a Christian family, not knowing that it was a blessing. For the things I have taken for granted, I realized others lack in them; the opportunity to just hear the Gospel is difficult in some places because they do not have access to the Bible. Thus, I have realized that God has given me these things, that some people don’t have, to share it with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thus, I’ve gone to my first mission trip last January to Honduras but I have received so much more than I have given. The children that I have met did not hesitate in opening up and pouring out love to me, even though they have seen me for the first time. It was extraordinary for me to experience how God works in ways that I’ve never thought of. Therefore, I serve in GMMA in hopes that God would use me as his servant for the wonderful works he has planned and to glorify Him and Him alone.”

Heeju Lim


Major: Biology

Career Interest: Undecided

My name is Heeju Lim and I’m a 2nd year at the University of Virginia studying biology. I’m not sure what I want to do in the future, but I’m excited for what direction God will send me. I serve in GMMA because I want others to experience the grace of God that I have experienced. I want to serve God through loving and caring for others and through GMMA I am always being reminded of being fully loved and fully known by God. GMMA has allowed me to really see God’s love and grace in everything I do. Throughout every challenge, serving in GMMA reminds me that God is always there for us and always willing to listen.”

Gloria Lee

Fundraising Committee

Major: Cognitive Science

Career Interest: Medicine

“Hello! My name is Gloria Lee and I am currently a second year at UVA, majoring in Cognitive Science, concentrating in Neuroscience. Upon graduation, I hope to attend medical school and become a surgeon. I have always had a passion for missions as well as pursuing a career in the medical field. GMMA provided me with the perfect opportunity to integrate two of my biggest passions. Serving in GMMA has been a blessing for me where I have had the experience God’s grace, love, and mercy for his children. Though I felt ill-prepared to serve the people at Honduras, because God is perfect and His plans for me has no flaws, I was able to rely on Him rather than my own abilities to reach out to my fellow brothers and sisters at Honduras. During my first missions at Honduras, I have begun to realize that giving is not an obligation but something that becomes natural as the unconditional love that we have received from God becomes uncontainable. I am very excited to see what God has in store for the future of GMMA and I am so blessed to be a part of it!”

Minhie Kwak

Praise Team Leader

Major: Biology / Music

Career Interest: Medicine

“My name is Minhie (or Willow) and I am a second year double majoring in biology and music. I am currently in Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and am planning to go to medical school after graduating. Coming into college, I wanted to serve musically in some capacity but was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure if there was a place that really needed my time, but I saw that GMMA was recruiting for its praise team and wanted to get involved. Although I have not been on the mission trip, I really enjoy the privilege of being able to offer my imperfect ability for God’s glory and supporting the team in a more significant way. GMMA for me is a weekly reminder of the mission field, not only in the nations and in Honduras but at UVA in my daily life.”

Kristina Park

Public Relations

Major: Cognitive Science

Career Interest: Undecided

My name is Kristina Park, and I am a second-year majoring in Cognitive Science. I am not sure about what I want to do in the future yet, but I am interested in the health field! I first joined GMMA because I have always wanted to go on a mission trip and wanted to be able to share His unconditional love with others. Last winter break, the mission trip to Honduras became a turning point in my life as a Christian. It was a time when I became more aware and conscious of His presence and realized that nothing else mattered except Him. I learned and gained so much through GMMA, and I really wanted to serve again through this organization.”

Yeonji Kim


Major: Biology / Computer Science 

Career Interest: Medicine

Hi I am Yeonji Kim and I am a 3rd year who is planning to double major in biology and computer science. I would like to be a medical missionary when I grow up. That is the primary reason why I am in GMMA. I believe that GMMA is a place where I will be equipped and trained to do God’s work and help build a community who has similar passion for Jesus. Although I often feel inadequate, every time I come to serve I am encouraged. And I hope I can return the same blessing. I really can’t wait for every GMMA gathering. It is really the highlight of my week.”


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General Meetings

 Spring 2020 Meeting Schedule

  • Jan. 23 – Welcome Back
  • Feb. 6 – Game Night
  • Feb. 27 – Missions Team Send-off


2020 March Mission Trip

Location: Honduras

Attendees: Crystal Park, Daniel Choi, Grace Lee, Gloria Lee, Isabel Oh, Jun Bae, Peter Choi, Sarah Park, Sion Kim, Sujin Park, Youngjun Kim

2019 January Mission Trip

Location: Honduras

Attendees: Dasam Jeong, Gloria Lee, Grace Lee, Grace Oh, Heeju Lim, Isabel Oh, Joanne Yoon, Kevin Park, Kristina Park, Sarah Park, Young Jun Kim

2018 March Mission Trip

Location: Honduras

Attendees: Catherine S. Im, Carolyn Yi, Dasam Jeong, Grace Oh, Hana Wright, Peter Choi, Rebekah J. Lee, Shua Jeong, Yayi Feng, Yeonji Kim, Yoojin Lee, Young Jun Kim

2017 August Mission Trip

Location: Santa Rita, Honduras

Attendees: Daniel Inyoung Lee, Peter Choi, Lily Ha, Seulgi Min, Terry Song

2016 December Mission Trip

Location: La Mision, Baja California

Attendees: Daniel Inyoung Lee, Youngjun Kim


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