Youngjun Kim


Major: Biology

Career Interest: Medicine

“I am so grateful to God for making it possible for us to establish GMMA in UVA. I have gone on two mission trips with GMMA so far, and each time, God spoke to me in a very distinct way. Through GMMA, I learned so much about God and about my own identity. I also learned about how He works and how I could be of use to Him. I hope that GMMA will train our members to become devoted and faithful servants of God and that we will learn to glorify Him through our future professions, whatever they may be.”

Peter M. Choi

Vice President

Major: Music

Career Interest: Physician’s Assistant

God gave me a vision during a GMMA mission trip that was so powerful and convicting. In my time spent with GMMA I’ve encountered a side to the Father that is much more intimate than I’ve  previously seen. I want to dedicate his transformative power in my life to serving Him in return at my GMMA chapter at UVA where I hope all of our members can also encounter our Father and learn what their true purpose is in serving Him.

Shua Jeong


Major: Statistics

Career Interest: In Prayer

Before I came to University of Virginia, I envisioned to bring and spread Gospel to the grounds. However, I did not know where and how I could fulfill this vision that God had given to me. As the year went by, God opened a way to mission at Honduras where I got clearer vision and overwhelming passion for the Gospel. Amazingly, God allowed me to serve His Kingdom as a secretary for GMMA and have little more impact on grounds. I hope that I would not take this opportunities for granted, but instead, use this to spread His everlasting and infinite love of Christ.

Catherine S. Im

Public Relations

Major: Statistics

Career Interest: Dentistry

“Our verse, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’ is being put in action through Global Medical Missions Alliance. By God’s plan, I attended the Honduras mission trip with GMMA Spring of ‘18. I was able to witness Father’s love and His grace from each child I met and every situation I encountered. With this experience as my cornerstone, I desire to walk into the dental field in confidence that my life is in God’s complete control and His plan.

Grace Oh


Major: Commerce

Career Interest: Medicine

When I went to missions trip for the first time, I felt the presence of God. Students, doctors, and local, we all experienced his amazing love and came together as one, as a family in Christ. Having seen the great impact of God’s grace and the Gospel, I want to share that with those around me. GMMA influenced me in various ways, and I want to serve and glorify God. For me, that starts with GMMA. I want our UVA chapter to grow not just in size, but also in loving each other. Through seeking God and serving him, I believe we will help each other walk the path he has prepared for each and every one of us.

Dasam Jeong

Missions Coordinator

Major: Biology

Career Interest: Medicine

God has called us out of darkness into the light so that we could spread His everlasting love. The professionals and student I met thorough GMAM has truly shown me what it is to live out the gospel. Through our Honduras Mission, God has shown me what He has planned for me and it is my wish to live gospel and GMMA here in the campus of University of Virginia which is another door to the whole wide world and people who need to experience both physical and spiritual healing


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General Meetings

Fall 2018 Meeting Schedule

  • Sep. 5 – Interest Meeting
  • Sep. 19- Hangout: Benny’s Pizza
  • Oct. 3- Health Panel
  • Oct. 24 – Bake Sale
  • Oct. 31 – Hangout
  • Nov. 1 – Mission Night
  • Nov. 15 – Fundraiser
  • Nov.  – Thanksgiving Potluck


2018 March Mission Trip

Location: Honduras

Attendees: Catherine S. Im, Carolyn Yi, Dasam Jeong, Grace Oh, Hana Wright, Peter Choi, Rebekah J. Lee, Shua Jeong, Yayi Feng, Yeonji Kim, Yoojin Lee, Young Jun Kim

2017 August Mission Trip

Location: Santa Rita, Honduras

Attendees: Daniel Inyoung Lee, Peter Choi, Lily Ha, Seulgi Min, Terry Song

2016 December Mission Trip

Location: La Mision, Baja California

Attendees: Daniel Inyoung Lee, Youngjun Kim


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