Phoebe Park

Phoebe Park


Isaac Lee

Isaac Lee

Vice President

Veronica Yim

Veronica Yim


Ashley Park

Ashley Park

Internal Missions Coordinator

Ali Nakashima

Ali Nakashima

External Missions Coordinator

Christina D'Incognito

Christina D'Incognito

Public Relations

Welcome to Chapman University’s Global Medical Missions Alliance!

We are a Christian club striving to develop skill sets in order to heal the physical and spiritual well-being of all those around us. As students, we want to come together as a Christ-centered community to serve not only those in our campus, but the children of God in the whole creation. We are grateful to have each and every single one of you in our club, as we strive to live each and every day fulfilling God’s glory.

God bless!


1st General Meeting: February 25th, 2019 @ Demille Hall 101

2nd General Meeting: March 11th, 2019 @ Demille Hall 101



1st GM: Dr. Ahn, Oncologist

2nd GM: Dr. Paul Park, Marriage and Family Counselor 


May 25, 2019: May Mission Trip w/ Allison Lee, RN

GMMA General Meeting #1 2/25

Dr. Chang

  • Background
    • Became member of GMMA in 2008
  • GMMA history
    • 2010 KAMHC conference
    • 2011 medical mission trip to guatemala w students
      • Before, professionals would go to emergency sites (Haiti)
    • 2013 KAMHC students chapters
      • USC, UCLA, UCI, UCSD
    • President: of KAHMC
    • Biennial national conference 2020 July 17-18 at Bethel church Irvine
    • 2019 July 13 – regional conference
    • Over 50 student chapters across US and Canada
  • Medical mission trips
    • Students are able to participate and serve up to the safety standard (dental cleanings, vitals check ups, etc.)
    • GMMA will be a “human resource center” for people’s spiritual and physical needs

GMMa General Meeting #2 3/11

Mr. Paul Parlk

  • Background
    • Marriage and Family Therapy Specialist and Counselor
    • Paul shared his story about how he realized his passions for relationships and his vision to be the light in various domestic situations. Through his therapy and counseling sessions, he is able to use God’s light to bring hope back into people’s lives
  • General Info
    • Praise and prayer night! Come at 7:00pm in Buena Park. Rides will be available upon request
  • General meeting 3/25
    • DeMille Hall 101 5-6:30
  • Mexico Missions on 5/25


GMMA General Meeting #3 3/25

Brian Kim

  • Background
    • Born in korea came to US when 7 years old
    • Went to UCSD for biochem as undergrad and econ minor
    • Why GMMA?
      • Connected through phoebe at church
      • Recent prayer meeting showed how passionate the leaders were about serving God
      • Strong in faith and prayer
  • Professionally
    • Undergrad UCSD
    • Graduate school CSULB
    • Psot professional: DPT
    • 1 yr residency at keiser
    • 1 year sports fellowship
    • Part time instructor at PTA program
    • Part time instructor at Stanbridge PTA program
  • PT
    • for almost 10 years
    • 15 patients a day
    • 10 hr days wed- sat
    • Only doing 20 hrs of patient care work atm because traveling to see other Kaisers around the world


  • Future goal
    • Cont to teach and learn and be involved in missions more often
  • General Info
    • Next GM will be April 1st, DeMille Hall 101, 5-6:30pm
    • Chipotle fundraiser!! April 1st, Chipotle on Chapman Ave, 5-9pm


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