Mission Opportunities

2017  Oct-Dec

West Coast Chapters to Mexico

10/28       Dr. I Lee        USC,Biola,UCB

11/11        Dr. D Choi     UCSD,UW

11/11        Dr. S Ahn      UCLA,UCI

12/16-20  Dr. P Chung  Australia Chapter, UCR,UCB,UCD


2018 Jan-June

West Coast Chapters to Mexico

1/27         Dr. I Lee        UW, USC

2/17         Dr. S Oh        UCSD, UCR

2/17-18    Dr. P Chung  UCLA, Biola

3/23-25    Dr. D Choi     Yale, UCB, UCD

4/14         TBA                UW, UCI

4/14         TBA                UCLA, USC

East Coast Chapters to Honduras

1/9-14     Dr. Chung/Dr. Jo   Cornell, Emory, Hopkins

3/6-11     Dr. Chung/Dr. Jo    UF, U Penn, UVA

5/8-13     Dr. Chung/Dr. Jo   Georgia Tech,UCF,USF

Texas Chapters to Pierdras Negras, Mexico

1/4-7       Dr. Y Kim               Texas Chapters


If you are a health professional or a student interested in following mission trip, please contact missions@gmma7.org for more information or contact the corresponding student chapters which can be found in our Chapters tab

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