Mission Opportunities


2019 Academic Year


Summer 2019 Mission Dates and Places will be Posted Separately



2019  SAT. JAN 26
Leader: Dr. Sarah Oh

2019  SAT. FEB 16
Leader: Dr. Peter Chung Jr.

2019  SAT. MAR. 23 ~ TUE. MAR. 26
Leader: Dr. Sanghoon An

2019  SAT. SAT, APR. 27
Leader: Dr. David Choi

2019  SAT. MAY 25
Leader: Allison Lee R.N.


2019  WED. JAN. 2 ~ SUN. JAN. 6
Leader: Dr. Yongsik Kim


2019 JAN 5 – 11
(UVA, Yale, Emory, Binghamton)
Leader: DR. David Choi

2019  MARCH 2 -8
(UPenn, UF)
Leader: Dr. Paul Jo

2019  MAY 4 -10
(USF, UCF, GTech)
Leader: Dr. Peter Chung

2019  AUGUST
Leader: Dr. David Choi

If interested in any of the 2018-2019 mission trips (excluding summer missions), 
please refer to this link and fill out this non-binding interest form! 
GMMA will contact you directly.
Please email studentchapters@gmma7.org for more information.

Partnering Mission Trips


  • Mission organization: Ywam Ships
  • Mission type:  travel on medical mission equipped ship to destination and treat patients on the ship for allotted time and return.
  • Mission site: Papua New Guinea, Africa
  • Opportunities:  All healthcare professionals are needed on on going basis
  • Website: https://ywamships.net
  • Email: brett.curtis@ywamships.net
  • Contact:: 808-757-9150
“We continue to have need for Medical volunteers on our YWAM Ships
and would love to have you join us on an upcoming outreach in Papua New Guinea.

We are just about to launch our newest medical ship, the YWAM Liberty, and have great opportunities for medical volunteers. We would love to hear from you if this is a possibility. If not, could you share this opportunity with your colleagues or medical friends? Personal referrals are a great way to help us out and offer others this life changing opportunity! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, we’re here to answer them all!

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Call us or email us!”

More to come
This space is for mission organizations to recruit volunteer missionaries.

We are open to partner mission organizations.

Please contact us to be listed on this mission opportunity page.

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