Dear GMMA family,

As a mission director for GMMA, I feel sad to announce that we as GMMA leadership have decided to cancel all GMMA mission trips till July GMMA Medical Mission Conference 2020.  I am sure most of you have been aware the development of the CV19(Corona Virus 19) all over the world. Since Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated on 2/25/2020 that it’s more a question of when, rather than if, there is “community spread” of the virus in the U.S.  Many parts of the US have declared the state of emergency, and the number of CV19 diagnosed patients has been going up with a steep angle in Korea (4,335). As of today there are 92,881 cases worldwide with 3,168 deaths reported. The number is expected to be much higher than what’s reported. There are 60 cases in US as of today. These numbers in US are expected to rise. After carefully evaluating various factors, the leadership has made an executive decision to cancel all trips till July.

GMMA has had 3 teams in March: 1 team for Haiti, 1 team for Honduras, and 1 team for Mexico. They were ready for the trip with purchased plane tickets for the two east coast teams. The leadership had to come to the decision before the March mission team’s departures. We had to weigh in several factors: safety of GMMA members & local people in mission fields (from the virus infection), concern of parents of GMMA mission students, possibility of multiple exposure during mission trip travel, and being responsible healthcare community to refrain from activities that can possibly contribute to the spreading of the virus.  We do not think the current situation will die down in any time soon.

However, GMMA is planning several action items to implement during challenging time: prayer movement across GMMAchapters, GMMA +(Plus) training for officers of each campus and activating all available mentors to visit each campus for close/personal encounter. We are hopeful that these action items will rejuvenate and energize GMMA family.

The current situation puts heavy challenge for all of us: not only for GMMA, but also for mission partners and local churches. Please pray for the upcoming action items above and the July Medical Mission Conference. More information to follow.


With love & prayer in Christ,

Dr. David Choi, Mission Director for GMMA

March 3, 2020

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