Atlanta GMMA – December 5-6, 2015

200 prayer warriors gathered at 6 am on Saturday morning at the Korean Community Presbyterian Church of Atlanta (KCPC) to hear Dr. Peter Chung’s message on “The Prayer that Cries Out to God” based on 2 Chronicles 7:14.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident as hearts were moved to tears in intercession prayer for their families, their community and their world.

Dr. Susanna Choi, president of GMMA-Rocky Mountain chapter, presented “The Road to PUST” to a crowd of about 70 at Karis Community Fellowship, the English ministry of KCPC.  Dr. Mary Roh, GMMA 2016 program coordinator, shared about next year’s GMMA National conference and challenged the audience to find their true identity as she reminded them that just as Queen Esther was challenged to see that God placed her in her position “For Such a Time as This”, each of us have the opportunity to use our position and influence for God’s Kingdom work.  Dr. Peter Chung, president of GMMA, then shared the story of his journey that brought him to the place to lead GMMA.  He cast the vision of GMMA and inspired the young people to join in on what God is doing throughout the world.

Many young people from around the Atlanta area attended and came up after the presentation to express their interest in getting involved in starting a GMMA local chapter.  Students from Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Emory University and Medical College of Georgia were represented in the audience.

On Saturday afternoon, a small group of leaders from the Journey Church of Atlanta met at Pastor Matt Ro’s house.  The young peoples’ eyes twinkled with interest and filled with tears as they saw the world through God’s eyes and felt the pain of God’s broken heart.  The 2 hours of sharing flew by quickly, and Pastor Ro said that he would gather 40 more people if we would return again for another meeting.

Dr. Chung was the guest speaker at KCPC’s special program for the Workplace Ministry.  They featured Dr. Peter Chung and his book, “God’s Heartbeat” –hearing God’s voice in our hearts. Saturday night’s meeting was well attended followed by a book-signing event.  Many hearts were touched and challenged by Dr. Chung’s example to share Christ not only on Sundays but also in their workplaces.

The Sunday main service at 11:30 am also featured Dr. Chung’s life message as he shared his personal stories of sharing Christ at work as well as on the mission field.  The lead pastor of KCPC Pastor In Soo Chung shared how he was personally touched by Dr. Chung’s book and encouraged the church members to be motivated and challenged by his life message.

The weekend was filled with God’s blessings.  It was a joy to see the potential of fruit as we planted the seeds for a GMMA chapter in Atlanta.

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