“Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord watches over you— the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”  

Psalm 121:4-8

GMMA April 2020 Monthly Newsletter

Dear GMMA Family,

God’s Peace be with you and your families.

When I speak with my patients these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I often see a tremendous amount of anxiety and hopelessness. This fear I see on their faces reminds me of someone I met during my recent Honduras Mission trip three months ago.

During one of our clinics in the slum areas of Honduras, a young girl walked in carrying a baby who seemed too heavy for her frail body.
This young girl immediately grabbed our attention because she seemed so anxious – fidgeting, frantic, and on the verge of tears. After examining her baby son, I cared for his ear infection, but even with the medical care and my assurance that her baby will be fine, I could still see on her face so much panic and desperation.

I looked into this young mom’s eyes and asked her gently, “how are you?” Then she burst into tears, pouring out her desperate plea for help. “Please, please help me! I am so scared; I cannot stay at home. I tried to kill myself but failed. At nights, I see things moving. Please help me.”

I learned that ‘Jennifer’ was sixteen years old and had been badly abused by her father. She did manage to briefly get away to a safe house, but due to the lack of funds, the safe house closed and she was sent back home. As she was telling me her story, I could sense her overwhelming fear and despair. I just went around the exam table and gave her a big hug. I felt her hugging me back tightly. I cried when I realized how desperately she had been trying to get help. No one would listen to her. No one would help her. …and this girl was even younger than my own daughter.

Sharing the Gospel with Jennifer, I explained how great our God is. Unlike her father, our Father God will never hurt us; never disappoint us or abandon us. After a long time of sharing with her, Jennifer accepted Jesus Christ.

As she was picking up medications for her baby, I saw her deep in conversation with one of our mentors, Elder Cho and a local pastor. I finally heard him asking Jennifer point-blank, “Who are you?” At first, she seemed confused. Then Elder Cho asked again. And again. Each time, Jennifer seemed to gain more understanding of the question. On the fifth time, she replied with such peace and confidence, “I am a child of God!”

My brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to ask each of you today, “Who are You?”
I declare that WE are the children of the mighty God. Our Father will not sleep watching over us! Our Father will keep us from all harm!

Jesus said We are the Light of this world. Let’s share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people who are lost in the darkness all around us. Just like this young girl Jennifer from Honduras, let’s start by reminding ourselves who We are. Let’s show the world, especially in this tumultuous time, that Jesus indeed is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

May our Good Good Father bless you, protect you, and give you peace.

Dr. Paul Jo, M.D.





Professional Development

GMMA professionals are pressing onward serving in various positions and places in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.  All are adjusting to instant changes in their work environments to safeguard from being infected for the sake of co-workers and family.  Dr. Michelle shared a picture that shows a part of how she has to gear up before surgery as an anesthesiologist. Some members are volunteering on top of regular work to donate blood and other community services.  This is possible through the love of Christ instilled in them through faith. They continue to serve as GMMA mentors and board members joining Zoom sessions to stay connected and to encourage one another.  Often professionals are more encouraged by postgrads and students who are adjusting through the changes in faith interceding for the healthcare community and each other.

Prayer has become a vital part of the GMMA family during this time of uncertainties.  Even though we cannot cross the borders for the monthly mission trips, we can support our mission sites by sending our prayers and continue to stay connected through virtual portals.  The mission department is in discussions of creative ways to stay in touch with medical missions and the mission partners until we can physically go again. A mighty anointed prayer movement is desired and efforts are initiated since the national lockdown. GMMA’s first live stream online National Monthly Prayer Meeting took place on April 19th through YouTube. It was a great blessing and we experienced His presence among all joining from the US, Korea, Canada, and Cambodia. Students and professionals from various regions contributed to make it happen. The theme of the prayer meeting was “Standing in the Gap”  calling out to God that GMMA will stand in the gap to intercede with Christ for the nations. Below is a picture of some of the contributors.  COVID-19 will not stop the journey of missional life and medical missions for the GMMA family. We will resume proclaiming the power in the name of Jesus Christ as we live for His glory.

Serving midst COVID-19

Serving midst COVID-19

April 2020 Prayer Meeting

April 2020 Prayer Meeting


April 2020 Live Stream Prayer Meeting

Regional Health Reports


Praise report
Even in midst of this craziness, God has been so faithful in our region. We have started weekly prayer meetings through Zoom, and God has truly been moving in our hearts through it. Many students and mentors gathered together in prayer for the world, GMMA, and each other. We have also had two students from Ohio, Christian and Christina, who have reached out to us to start a GMMA chapter in OSU. They have already gathered their core members, and we had an amazing meeting with them. Please continue to pray for this new chapter, and be excited because our God will see us through to the end!

As always, but even more so, we are in need of prayers. There are heart breaking stories of parents being laid off, families in other countries dying, and many other tragedies. Please pray for the students and their families that God will protect them and give them faith to trust that He is always good.

Regional Coordinator Message:
Recently, I finished reading Kings and Chronicles. It was a long journey finished those four chapters of the Bible, but the message was clear. We are sinners, and we will mess up. But what is more important is that we humble ourselves before God, ask for repentance, and seek him with all our hearts. Especially in this time, let us all humble ourselves and come before our mighty King on our knees.


Praise Report:
Despite the pandemic and lockdowns, I praise God that we can use different venues to meet. I am also grateful for the new members who have joined to serve together.
Regional Outreach & Needs:
Unfortunately, we had to postpone our reboot dinner due to the lockdown in Australia. But we have plans to continue to meet online. As we venture through this new medium to hold our meetings, everyone to stay united and connected. Also, we pray that we can be faithful and wise servants to negative through this situation.
Also, for those who are affected by COVID 19. Pray for the families and healthcare members who are affected and involved in patient care
Regional Coordinator Message:
It is very uncertain what the future holds in terms of jobs, progressing, and study. We pray that we can stay faithful and remember that God is the only constant. In the midst of many things to complain about, we pray that we can find daily thanksgiving topics and be thankful under all circumstances.

You can explore all of the GMMA chapters, including information about the leadership, meeting times, contact, Instagram handles and more, on our website here.

If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at admin@gmma7.org.


Even though the pandemic of COVID-19 is preventing our GMMA teams from going to missions physically, we will continue to be engaged in medical missions through other means.  We will go spiritually through interceding for our mission sites and the missionaries. We will support them through donations, and we will inform others on the ministries so more can join in to support our mission partners.  Until we can go again, we will feature our mission partners in the newsletter. Many missionaries are going through difficulties. Please Pray for them and get engaged as His encourager.

Mission Site: Honduras

Brief History of the Ministry
In January 2003, the International Christian Academy Santa Rita (ICAS), a private bilingual school which offers regular education from kindergarten to high school, was founded in El Castaño, Honduras. The school moved to a small town called Santa Rita from 2007 and has been there until now. Through the school, we have been working with the vision of nurturing leaders in the community as disciples of Christ.

Brief History of Missionary Lee
When I was a 15-year-old high school sophomore in South Korea, I had three dreams: a dream of becoming an army officer, a dream of becoming a school teacher, and a dream of becoming an orphanage director. When I was 24 years old in the South Korean army, I accepted Jesus Christ.

I had immigrated to the United States at the age of 37 which had its own share of difficulties and obstacles. At this time, I was called by God to study theology and become a missionary. At the time of my pastoral ordination, I was contemplating between pursuing missions or planting a church. I went to Honduras on January 20, 2003 on short-term missions with the Honduran seminary students to find what the Lord wanted for me. Eventually, God gave me a definite sign through a letter given by a child named Annie and I dedicated myself as a missionary.

The Vision God has Given
God inspired a sustainable system for long term missions through education. We  established a recognizable private school.  The funds provided enables us to minister to many Hondorians in need and wherever God leads us. It’s been possible through God’s grace of providing many dedicated volunteers and mission partners like GMMA.  Below are three visions leading the ministry.
* Education: Helping the educational development of any region through collaboration with schools and churches for the best benefits for children.
* Health: Implementation of CHE (Community Health Evangelism) program, to improve the health and hygiene of the community and building working relationships that will open doors for evangelism. Educate future technical hygiene leaders and health care providers through private schools and clinic hospitals.
* Local Church Partnership: Continue to cooperate with churches in areas with needs and venture out to new areas with greater needs. Provide educational camps for church teachers on workable Sunday school and support pastors.

The Needs in the Ministry
First of all, I would like to thank GMMA very much for its cooperation with Honduras. The mission for GMMA students is to instill dreams, serve as role models, and provide tremendous help through counseling to our Honduran students here. We are also confident that GMMA will help the community’s health and hygiene through clinics with operating rooms currently under construction.
Hopefully, through continuous missions and the partnership of GMMA and ICAS schools, we are praying that there will be GMMA members interested in middle and long term missions (1 month to 1 year), who can provide any of the following: English education, music, art, physical education, sports education, musical instrument education, Bible education, etc.. But more than anything, for there to be GMMA members who partner with me in raising future disciples of Jesus.

Prayer Requests 

  • Please pray our Lord will protect Honduras from COVID-19 as the environment and medical system are poor. Widespread will be devastating.
  • Please pray for no difficulty in paying salaries for the 27 teachers and staff members.
  • Please pray for the pastors who are experiencing spiritual and economic difficulties. God will comfort and provide for them to pass through the difficulties.

In Christ,
Missionary David Lee

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There are many incredible ministries and organizations you can choose to support through Amazon Smile, so we thank you in advance for choosing to support GMMA and partnering with us to help others smile through His kingdom work!

Prayer Requests 

We are in great shortage of masks even for the healthcare professionals. May our God be the mighty shield of your life and may you experience His presence ever more before! 

The GMMA leadership prayerfully decided to postpone the 2020 GMMA National Conference to next year, 2021. As you read our president’s message in the e-newsletter, GMMA organized a structured prayer movement utilizing the Zoom video portal. GMMA is divided into six regions: Mideast
and Northeast, Southeast and Canada, Texas, Northwest, S Cal1, and S Cal2.  When informed by your regional leaders, please join them. Be advised of the guide to the prayer schedule.

1.  Each region will conduct prayers meeting on a biweekly basis via zoom.
2.  The paired chapters will conduct a biweekly prayer meeting for their general members via zoom.
3.  GMMA adapted ECHO prayer app so every GMMA member can pray together at 9 PM every day.
4.  The prayer meetings GMMA used to hold every third Sunday of each month at Dr. Choi’s house in LA (ever since we started GMMA), will be expanded to a nationwide prayer meeting via zoom.

Here is the link for GMMA-Echo Instruction for your information. https://youtu.be/zchhVrmtPSM

To pray without ceasing, please click the below button for the April 2020 GMMA Prayer Requests from Admin Staff.

Upcoming Events & Announcements 


Are you interested in serving with GMMA? Utilize the talents and gifts that God has provided you and serve with us! Please contact your area of interest above!

Until next time,
Please share about GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

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