The Father sent him to us because God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son to be born, crucified and resurrected and ultimately sit on the throne next to the Father.

GMMA December 2019 Monthly Newsletter

President’s Greeting!

Dear GMMA family!

Merry Christmas! What a magical and exciting time of year!
Christmas is a time of celebration, bonding, reconciliation, and reflection to look back through the past year, but in its true sense,  it’s the beginning of everything.
Mark started his book by saying
“The beginning of the gospel is about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”  Indeed, he is the beginning of everything. The central theme of our lives that control everything should start with HIM.   We must not start with the “gospel according to me” addressing our needs first and ascend to God with a microscopic view of our life. If we do so, we will have forgotten what Christmas and his birth truly mean.
At Christmas, we have the opportunity to relive the baby Jesus in the famous nativity scene. But it’s not about decorations and gifts, rather we should view these iconic images as a reminder of who Jesus really is.  The  Father created the universe and man was with HIM and he was the beginning. The Father sent him to us because God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son to be born, crucified and resurrected and ultimately sit on the throne next to the Father. He is living and dwelling in his own everlasting, absolute and eternal glory, and he is to come to judge the world. “Every knee will bow before me, every tongue will confess to God”
In the book of Revelation, John described the majestic, indescribable glory of the Lord as he sits on the throne with flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder. We must also see this version of Jesus through this baby Jesus.
This past year, I have had the privilege to visit many of our GMMA chapters and engage in heartfelt spiritual conversation about how to hear the voice of God by opening the bible and discerning his will  What a life of faith looks like by getting up each day and sitting first with God and admitting we cannot live without him and that he is our everything. Asking him to commune with us. Reading the Bible and praying/conversing with Jesus is the basic fundamental of being a disciple of Jesus.
In Christian ministry, there is no real strategy besides discipleship. This daily practice helps us to develop total dependence on HIM. The moment we do this, God truly becomes the center of our life.   And as we all get together for fellowship, he becomes the center of our community. Jesus is the center of Christmas. We begin everything, from Him, by Him and with him.
As we celebrate Christmas, I can’t thank you enough for your tireless dedication to the ministry of GMMA. One of the benefits of personally visiting the chapters, I have been able to directly witness the fruits of your ministry. Thank you.  Let us continue to pray for GMMA and for the Lord’s direction and vision for us. Lastly, I pray that the Lord will continue to lead and use us in a mighty way to pave the way for a beautiful 2020. I look forward to seeing you all in the new year and I can’t wait to see what the Lord will accomplish next. For his is the glory both now and forever.






In His glory,
Peter Chung, Sr., M.D.



Conference News!

Featured Speaker: Dr. Anne Alaniz

Dr. Anne Alaniz is a Gynecologic Oncologist who has been working for Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas, since 2012. Her expertise is in surgical management and chemotherapy for women with gynecological cancers. She has clinical expertise in minimally invasive surgery including robotic surgery and laparoscopy. She is a recipient of numerous recognitions as a clinician. She is originally from Malawi, Africa and has not forgotten about the needs there. Dr. Alaniz is the Co-Founder of Pothawira (Safe Haven) Christian Mission Organization in her home village around Salima, Malawi. Pothawira was founded in 2009 and has been in full operation since 2011. Pothawira has an outpatient clinic that sees over 5000 patients a month and a soon to be opening a birthing center which will provide a safe facility for childbirth with skilled medical personnel to continue to combat the high rates of maternal and neonatal deaths in Malawi. In addition, Pothawira is a home to 126 orphaned children with 12 widows who care for them. Dr. Alaniz also serves as well as a faculty member for Weill Cornell Medical College. 

We have over 25 wonderful guest speakers at the conference!
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This November, our Mexico mission trip was led by [Associate] Marriage and Family Therapist Paul Park. The team consisted of ten health professionals, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, a nurse, and a physical therapist. Six post-grads and 22 undergrad students from UCR, UCI, UCSD, and Biola trained for four weeks from October 19th to November 9th for a one-day mission trip on November 16th. Health professionals, post-grads, and students altogether made up a body of 39. In Mexico, each part of the body faithfully showed Christ’s love through patient treatment, prayer, fellowship, and VBS. Despite the language barriers, by God’s grace, we were able to unite through prayer and expressions of love.”

– Sophie Lee, UCI Chapter Secretary

For future mission trip dates and opportunities, please visit our website:


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Regional Health Reports


Praise report
Thank you God for sending underclassmen and new members from our West Coast chapters to attend our mission trips this past December! Although some chapters were worried that not many members would apply to the mission trips, God raised up workers to do His work.
We also had our annual GMMA Christmas party where mentors, postgrads, and officers joined together with our December team for a time of celebrating the birth of our Savior. Thank you, Lord, for having given us this time to not just fellowship with one another but to lift up praise, prayer, and thanks to you. As we reflect on God’s work in GMMA this past year, we can’t help but to say, “thank you, Lord.”

Please pray that our officers will be well-rested during winter break so that they can plan for the spring semester. Please also pray for the January Mexico mission team (Berkeley) led by Dr. David Choi, that they will be led by the Spirit in all of their training and preparation.

Regional Coordinator
As I reflect on this past year, one word I would use to sum it up is: dynamic. From graduating university, coming back home, applying to medical schools, going through multiple jobs, serving as a GMMA coordinator… this time has been one of change. God, remind me daily that I am a mist that appears for a little while and vanishes (James 4:14). Though I often become anxious about the future and feel unsettled about the present, I hope that James 4 will remind me that no matter what happens tomorrow, I can rest knowing God’s plan will be carried out perfectly. May I simply choose to turn to Him today.

The GMMA Christmas party was a great opportunity to brothers and sisters to reunite!

UW, UC Davis, and UOP chapters went on a mission trip to Mexico, led by Dr. Choi, Dec. 16-19.


Praise Report:
As the semester is coming to an end in the Central Region, God has been so good to our chapters, and He has been hearing the prayers of his faithful servants. For example, the UTD board prayed that 20 students will sign up for the upcoming January mission trip, and exactly 20 students signed up! At Baylor, the four core members were praying and seeking for sponsorship from a professor, and they recently found someone who was interested in sponsoring them. At Northwestern, God has been bringing members who have a heart for his kingdom work and vision, both on their campus and globally.

Regional Outreach & Needs:
However, these blessings are not without hardships and struggles that the chapters are facing. As the semester winds down, officers have been burnt out, and the accountability group for most chapters have been inconsistent. Please join me in prayer for renewed strength in the Lord during the winter break, and for the officers to be able to cling on to God as their source of life.

Regional Coordinator Message:
Recently, God has been teaching me to move away from self-sufficiency to total dependence on him. God has convicted me through Revelations chapter 3 that a lot of things I have been doing for GMMA and church, I have been doing with my own power. I pray that as I lead and serve in different ways, that I would lean on God every step that I take.

UT Austin volunteered at Helping Hands Home, a home for children under government custody

Northwestern had their first monthly prayer meeting


You can explore all of the GMMA chapters, including information about the leadership, meeting times, contact, Instagram handles and more, on our website here.

If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at

Professional Development 

November was another active month for GMMA professionals through many activities. Did you know some of the mentors send out a daily QT email to mission teams? It’s a faith increasing effort that helps one another to read the Word of God daily and pray for each other daily.  Not only during the mission training, but it resumes on.  Thank you goes out to these dedicated mentors.  Many young professionals of different churches joined the November mission team. It’s always amazing witnessing how faithful our God is connecting the professionals the students can learn from during the monthly mission trips. Monthly prayer meeting resumed with Dr. Oh faithfully serving as the praise leader.  Young professionals hosted the quarterly meeting featuring special speaker on “Vocation and Calling,” and presentation on CHE. It was a great evening of learning and great fellowship as well. Many professionals served at the annual Professional Panel event coordinated by UCI. This intercampus event connects professionals with students for Q&A sessions on topics of profession and faith. Some of the members had the honor of meeting Franklin Graham at a special Samaritan’s Purse event. The attending members also met Dr. David Geffen, a clinical professor of neurosurgery at UCLA School of Medicine, who visited NK over 40 times to serve. It was a great time of connecting and mutually encouraging to continue the journey of medical missions.  God is connecting new medical mission friends all the time. These were some of the activities of November. Thank you, Lord, for Your amazing grace and love.

Please remember our professional members serving as long term missionaries around the world in your prayers like Dr. Shin, an amazing surgeon serving in Africa.  We will be informing more about precious missionaries serving faithfully on a long term basis to inform and connect interested members for possible site visits. 


Prayer Requests 

Please click below for the Student and Staff prayer requests.

Upcoming Events & Announcements 

GMMA’s Biennial Medical Conference July 17-18, 2020

Save the date!

We have started to prepare for next year’s conference! Please pray and serve together. We need everyone’s help to bring the world together.  We thank Conrad for making the infomercial for us!
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  • GMMA’s Biennial medical conference dates are set for 7/17-18/2020. 
    • Register early!
    •  Great main speakers like Pastor Francis Chan, Dr. Dan Jones, Dr. Anne Alaniz along with over 30 workshops, career counseling, and personal meetings with missionaries/mission organizations. 
    • If you would like to volunteer to serve at the 2020 conference contact
  • Monthly Medical Mission Trip Resumes
    • Please follow the dates and places of the mission trips on the website and contact if you would like to join us or for any questions.
  • GMMA Vision 2020: Reflection & Renewal 
    • Please reserve the date and join a special event on January 26, 2020! It will be a time of gathering together for a time of renewal for the year 2020!  I
    • It will be held at Bethel Church in Irvine, CA. Be informed on the specifics by connecting on Facebook and Instagram
  • Interested in becoming a GMMA mentor?
    • Please contact to inquire about serving as a mentor to any of the 40 campus chapters.

Until next time,
Please share about KAMHC & GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

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