“Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good; his Love endures Forever…” (1 Chron. 16:34)

GMMA November 2019 Monthly Newsletter

Hello, GMMA Family!

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, I am astonished at how quickly this year has gone by. As I reflect back, all I can say is, “Thank you, Father!”

I am truly thankful to God for the amazing blessings He has showered me with through our GMMA Family: the incredible, reckless love of God shown during GMMA mission trips and the amazing, intimate, and passionate way God has touched our GMMA students.

Following the tradition of recognizing and sharing the importance of our families during Thanksgiving, I would like to share with you how grateful and blessed I am to be a member of our GMMA family.

During one of our GMMA prayer nights, all of us, students and mentors from many different colleges, were on our knees with our outstretched hands holding on to each other. We were crying out to God and praying for each other, for our Family. It was such a precious moment. GMMA is a Family of people who are willing to lay down their lives for Christ, a Family crying out in prayer for our fellow brothers and sisters, desperately hoping that they would deepen their relationship with our Father God.

At a small local church during one of our recent mission trips, the students were performing a Body Worship to a worship song, ‘Above All Powers’. I was sitting on a chair watching these students worship, and then my tears started to flow… God made me look at each individual student, one by one, who was so focused on the worship. God then spoke to me, telling me how precious these students are to Him, and how much He really cares about them…

As I was seeing patients in my office the day after I returned from that mission trip, I heard the same song, ‘Above All Powers’, playing from my iPod collection over the ceiling speakers. I was talking to my patient when the part ‘Crucified’ came on, and I lost it! I started to tear up in front of my patient. She became very concerned and asked me, “Dr. Jo, are you ok?” I then told my patient about our mission trip and shared with her that this was our song for the Body Worship. I explained to her how God showed me how much He cares for our students and how precious they are to Him individually. She also began to cry with me…

So, as I plan to get together with my family during Thanksgiving, I am very grateful to God for all His amazing blessings shared through and with our GMMA Family.
May our Good Good Father continue to protect and bless you all…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Paul Jo, MD

Conference News!

Featured Speaker: Dr. Dan Jones

Daniel W. Jones, M.D. is the Sanderson Chair in Obesity, Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition as well as the Director of Clinical and Population Science in the Mississippi Center for Obesity Research at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  He also serves as a professor of Medicine and Physiology. He has a twenty-five year association with the University of Mississippi serving in a number of capacities including Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine from 2003 to 2009 and as Chancellor of the University from 2009 until September 2015.  He went to South Korea in 1985 as a missionary for seven years to fulfill a passion for health care service to underserved populations. For more than twenty-five years, he has served as a medical education consultant to medical schools in North Korea. He was named one of the “Best Doctors in America” from 1996 to 2008 and is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Medical Society.

We have over 25 wonderful guest speakers at the conference!
Register early at conference.gmma7.org


Seventeen students from the USC, Pomona, and UC Berkeley chapters went on a one-day medical mission on October 26, led by Dr. Iris Lee. The team was blessed by the professionals who went and served together including a pharmacist, oriental medicine doctor, chiropractor, doctor of internal medicine, family physician, nurse, lawyer, physical therapist, nephrologist, and dentists. The team went to the Roca Alta ministry led by Pastor Vicente and Pastor Samuel and really witnessed God’s work being done through physical and spiritual healing. The team had an amazing experience contributing to the work that God has already been doing through the pastors there who have such big hearts for the underserved in Mexico.  Students led VBS with the children and had an amazing time sharing God’s love and His Word through body worship, skits, crafts, and prayer. The mission trip was also filled with meaningful and intentional fellowship between members of the whole team, and God really answered the team’s prayer for team unity.

– Sharon Choe, USC Chapter president


For future mission trip dates and opportunities, please visit our website: 


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Regional Health Reports


Praise Report
Throughout the end of October and beginning of November, Dr. Chung Sr. continued his nation-wide campus visitations to the California chapters which included: UC Irvine, USC, Biola, Chapman, UC San Diego, UOP, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis – all within a span of one week! It was a time of encouragement for each chapter as Dr. Chung exhorted them in faith.
On November 4th, Southern California GMMA chapters held the annual health panel, which was a great event for students to hear from various healthcare professionals and fellowship with students and professionals alike.
Additionally, on November 16th, mentor Paul Park led UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, and Biola University on a one-day Mexico mission trip. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Regional Outreach & Needs:
Please pray for the students (University of Washington, UC Davis, and UOP) attending the December mission trip (Dec. 16-19), that they may know God and serve Him well, as well as their lead mentor Dr. David Choi.
Please pray for continued spiritual discipline and conviction for the chapters Dr. Chung Sr. has visited, that they may have intimate fellowship and deep spiritual growth.
Please also pray for those who attended the GMMA SoCal Post Grads & Professionals meeting on November 23rd, that they would continue to grow in mentorship and fellowship with one another.

Regional Coordinator Message:
For me, personally, November was a very busy month. In my tiredness I found myself wanting to do nothing but rest mindlessly, but lately I have been reminded of that we are called to rest in Jesus, who is our Sabbath. The Lord emphasizes the importance of rest on the seventh day of creation and with the Sabbath command. In the midst of all that I am doing, I must remember that in the end, God wants me, not my works. “6  For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.” Hosea 6:6

Dr. Chung visiting the UC Berkeley chapter.

Dr. Chung visiting the UC Davis chapter (go Aggies!).

GMMA SoCal Health Panel 2019!


Praise Report:
The Central region has been growing so much. Not only are there more chapters forming, but also the current chapters are growing in depth. These students are faithfully engaging in local missions in their own community by serving in refugee shelters, food pantries, government homes for children under government custody, and much more. Each chapter is taking to heart that missions does not stop in Mexico or Honduras, but it continues on their own campuses and communities. This heart to serve is very evident in our recent Winter mission application to Mexico this upcoming January, as we had more than 100 sign-ups!

Regional Outreach & Needs:
Unfortunately, we cannot take everyone, but it calls for us to pray even more fervently that God would send us more mentors, so that these hearts to serve may not be hindered by the lack of spots in the mission trips. So, would you join me in prayer as you read this newsletter for God to raise up professional kingdom workers who will say yes to God!

Regional Coordinator Message:
In addition, please lift up our fearless student leaders for each chapter in the Central region (UTD, UT, U of H, Rice, A&M, Baylor, TWU, and NW). These leaders have been feeling very burnt out and tired, but please pray for the joy and rejuvenation that comes with serving our might Lord!!!


Praise Report:
The GMMA chapters on the East Coast have been busy planning and launching fundraisers, while also finding ways to serve the community. Chapters have been participating in local outreach through preparing care packages for those in need, working with projects like Operation Christmas Child, volunteering at soup kitchens, and more. Please pray that the chapters would continue to have a heart to serve their communities even in the midst of their busy lives! 

Regional Outreach & Needs:
Please pray for the students who have prayerfully committed to attending one of the GMMA mission trips, that they would train and go with a heart of humility and love for God and His children. 
Please pray that God would sustain his children during times of burnout and fatigue, that he would take away the pressure of achieving success in the eyes of this world and instead give a heart of diligence and discipline for His kingdom work. 
Lastly, please pray for the campuses that have expressed interest or are trying to establish new GMMA chapters, that God would guide them through this whole process. 

Regional coordinator message:
As I’ve mentioned above, the East Coast region is growing in numbers, with the potential of growing to be 18 chapters total. While I am so thankful that God has been meeting his children through GMMA, I do find myself worrying about how we can best support all of the chapters in the region knowing how difficult and busy life can be for the students. But God has reminded me time and time again that He is the one meeting each and every soul and that I am a mere instrument. Knowing this, I ask that you would pray for the East Coast coordinators and mentors to be able to discern how we can best serve the chapters to the best of our abilities even as we ultimately leave it in His hands. 

Binghamton GMMA making dental hygiene care packages for the underserved

Drexel GMMA making Operation Christmas Child packages

You can explore all of the GMMA chapters, including information about the leadership, meeting times, contact, Instagram handles and more, on our website here.

If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at admin@gmma7.org.

Professional Development

We are thankful for our professionals of diverse disciplines gathering together to serve together for His kingdom. It is getting more challenging to choose which ones to include in the newsletter as all serving at various mission sites and at various regions are all so precious. Below are images of some of the activities. 

Prayer Requests 

Please click below for the Student and Staff prayer requests.

Upcoming Events & Announcements 

GMMA’s Biennial Medical Conference July 17-18, 2020

Save the date!

We have started to prepare for next year’s conference! Please pray and serve together. We need everyone’s help to bring the world together.  We thank Conrad for making the infomercial for us!
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  • GMMA’s Biennial medical conference dates are set for 7/17-18/2020. 
    • Register early!
    •  Great main speakers like Pastor Francis Chan, Dr. Dan Jones, Dr. Anne Alaniz along with over 30 workshops, career counseling, and personal meetings with missionaries/mission organizations. 
    • If you would like to volunteer to serve at the 2020 conference contact gmmaconference@gmma7.org
  • Please follow the dates and places of the mission trips on the website gmma7.org and contact missions@gmma7.org for any questions.
  • Please contact mentors@gmma7.org to inquire about serving as a mentor to any of the 40 campus chapters.
  • Would you like to share your testimony or words of encouragement to the students of campus chapters? Let us know and we will get you connected.  Students and postgrads really appreciate the encouragements from the professions.  admin@gmma7.org
  • The executive board is accepting applications for becoming a GMMA board member. Please inquire at admin@gmma7.org.

Until next time,
Please share about GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

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