Meet the JHU GMMA Board!

Grace Lee

Grace Lee


Majors: Psychology, Natural Sciences Area

Walking with God has been the most painful, yet the most fulfilling and life-giving journey I’ve ever experienced. I began my journey not long ago; I encountered God freshman year during my church’s Fall Retreat. Knowing God more and more since then – His love for His people, anger over injustice, and desire for restored relationships – has satisfied me and healed me in ways I did not expect. Though there are times where all I do is cry, doubt, and stumble, His grace has never failed to humble me and bring me back to Him. I love that His Word sanctifies me as it continues to become more real in my heart. These experiences with God are what drew me to GMMA. I want to live out the Gospel and join God in His work: grow in faith together with my brothers and sisters, find freedom in counting others more significant than myself, and share the hope that I find in Jesus and cling to every day with others. I know this may sound cheesy and all (hehe), but I joined GMMA because I genuinely want to glorify the one I love and treasure. I want to learn what it looks like to serve others with godly love, witness Him transforming people’s hearts, and build relationships with people the way God calls us to. I’m excited to walk this missional journey with my brothers and sisters. I hope that I’ll grow, along with my peers, to grow in our desire for relationships with God to be restored and to pick up our cross and follow our Jesus.


Karin  Kartawira

Karin Kartawira

Vice President

Major: Public Health Studies

I want to be part of a community that challenges me to pursue God in my future career and to serve Baltimore more intentionally. My roles include assisting in logistical duties as well as organizing the mentorship system within the Hopkins Chapter. I believe that one of the most valuable things for both students and Christians is committed mentors who can assist in their academic/career choices and their spiritual life. I personally had moments where I was lost in both aspects, so I am hopeful that this will be very beneficial for everyone. Mentorship will be one of the pillars of our chapter, and I’m very excited to serve in this department.

Sarah Yao

Sarah Yao


Majors: Public Health Studies, Natural Sciences Area

Minor: Psychology

GMMA allows me to be a part of a fellowship that unites the body of Christ across different communities both on campus and nationally to fulfill the Great Commission. I thought that Hopkins was a perfect place to plant a GMMA branch because a lot of students are interested in entering the field of healthcare. I trust that God can use me and grow me as we start this org, and I wanted to be in a position where I can learn to rely on Him more and not on my own abilities, especially in leading other people. I ultimately want to see our community grow and to be able to spread His light and truth throughout Baltimore!

Qing Lu

Qing Lu

Missions Coordinator

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Psychology

I want the opportunity to serve alongside mission-focused brothers and sisters in our community and abroad through medicine! Ever since I went on Peru Missions w/ SSM in 2019, I started to think of long term missions as a possibility for the future, especially medical missions. I was encouraged by how so much joy, growth, and community could come from a week of living out the Gospel. I wanted to help coordinate missions both in our local community and abroad w/ GMMA because I want to continue to explore this desire for long term missions in the future while continually being challenged to step outside of my comfort zone.

Wilson Liou

Wilson Liou

Public Relations

Majors: Biophysics, Computer Science

One thing I had previously wondered while here at Hopkins is how I can fulfill both my duties as a full-time student as well as the missional calling that Christians are given and as the school year gets busy, it often seems hard to balance both. While talking and listening to the leaders of the Hopkins GMMA chapter, I saw that they were highly motivated and committed to growing the missional mindset of Christians here on campus. I wanted to challenge myself to strive to pursue missions in my own local community and encourage my fellow classmates and campus mates to do likewise. I believe GMMA provides a great outlet for Hopkins students to grow in their heart for missions and better understand how serving in healthcare and medicine can be closely tied to serving in ministry.


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Meeting Schedules & Re-caps

Fall 2021 Semester Meeting Schedule & Re-Cap (Ongoing):

  • September 20: Virtual Interest Meeting – Shared what GMMA is and our mission. Went over our general plans for the semester and member expectations
  • October 4: First General Body Meeting – Shared about general member expectations and volunteering opportunities for tutoring with Helping Up Mission + worship & games!
  • October 18 Fellowship night!!! Made some Ddakji and competed. We worshiped together as well!
  • November 1: Second General Body Meeting – Shared about upcoming global missions to Honduras and made Thanksgiving and welcome cards for local partner organizations.
  • (upcoming) November 14: Fellowship night 2!

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