About UCSD Student Chapter

The UCSD GMMA student chapter started in 2013, when the KAMHC Board decided to empower and supplement the future generation of health professionals to take ownership of God’s calling. GMMA is mainly comprised of undergraduates who seek fellowship and mentorship as they aspire to become health professionals who ultimately want to serve communities both at home and abroad. GMMA provides unique opportunities for students to gain practical hands on experiences for future career paths and refine their identity within their faith.

Chapter Vision

To better serve and mobilize our members and to outreach and fellowship with students at UCSD and the greater San Diego community.

Welcome to the UCSD Chapter of GMMA! We want to share the grace of God and the unending love with anyone who desires to know Him through our mission of promoting Christ-centered missional life.

Board Members

Summer Lee

Summer Lee


GMMA has been a family who continually supports and challenges me. It is my family of health and Christ focused people that strive to glorify God through their careers and passions. I have many memories from the Mexico Mission trip that I took. I was blessed by the passionate and caring hearts of the healthcare professionals and encouraged by the many pre-health students who are also going through the same things. I was also reminded of how great and sovereign God is and how global our mission is. I am thankful and grateful to be able to give back to this community and be a part of this community that loves others. 

Jennifer Park

Jennifer Park

Vice President

I first discovered GMMA through several members of the organization as they discussed the many ways in which they helped people around the world in both spiritual and physical aspects through medical missions. As a result of these good words about the organization, I felt quite convicted to join GMMA as I believed that its vision to serve less fortunate and less Christ-familiar individuals through medical missions aligned with that of mine. Serving in GMMA is truly a blessing as it guides and advances me towards a life that balances the goal of spreading God’s word and towards a better understanding of potential career paths in medicine.

Chan Kim

Chan Kim


GMMA has been a community of believers where I can find support in my medical and spiritual journey and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. At first, I was not a pre-health student, but somehow God has given me a passion for dentistry. After high school graduation, I took a gap year, and I was dying of boredom. But by God’s grace, I was able to work as a receptionist at a dental office. From there, I experienced the warmth of serving people, and I realized that this is what God wants me to do. I believe that people are waiting for us to be physically and spiritually cared for, and GMMA is going to be there for them. I am excited to see how God will work through us.

Joann Guan

Joann Guan


I was very eager to hear about GMMA after learning about medical missions in high school. Initially, my perception was limited to short term trips of VBS and clinical work but GMMA has allowed me to realize that it is so much more. From the leaders, speakers, and my peers, I have seen what it means to live with a mission vision, reaching the near and far and be in pursuit of Christ. I have been very encouraged by this Christ centered body of believers who are the hands and feet of Jesus in everyday living, who are supportive, and are so faithful in prayer. GMMA provides the unique opportunity to integrate touching the physical and healing the spiritual and I want to dedicate my time to advancing the Gospel cause through this ministry.

Ingyun (Justin) Park

Ingyun (Justin) Park

Missions Coordinator

One of my life’s dilemma was why I grew up in a Christian family while many other people never heard of the gospel. After hearing about missionaries in their quest to spread God’s word, I wanted to go on my first mission trip in college. I joined GMMA to participate in mission trips which I got the honor of going to Mexico. I witnessed a Christ centered community of healthcare professionals and students work together to help the underserved people of Mexico. GMMA allowed me to realize that the main objective was not to just provide healthcare/aid. Our mission was to instill hope with the gospel that God is watching over all his children and how everyone of his children has a chance for eternal life. I want to give back to GMMA for reigniting my flame for God. I hope that serving in GMMA will allow me to further my relationships with God and the community.

Akaya Yang

Akaya Yang


I joined GMMA because GMMA’s mission statement stood out to me. I was struggling to balance my desire of wanting to work in the medical field and knowing what it meant to live a christ-centered life even in the midst of my desires. However, I came across this organization that supported medical missions and I realized that being in the medical field doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t do ministry, but it opens opportunities to glorify God through sharing the gospel.

Janna Yu

Janna Yu

Public Relations

GMMA has been such a unique community to be part of. I’m so grateful to know so many God-centered brothers and sisters as well as mentors. GMMA has really helped me explore how medical professionals live the Great Commission through their careers. Before joining, I didn’t know that it is possible to overlap faith with career. Having access to such great mentors has really given me a purpose and drive to spread the great word of God through whichever career God has in plan for me. It has been such a joy to find such a great community at UCSD. 

And the Mentor

Jane Kim

Jane Kim


I became a mentor for GMMA because when I was a student, I have always wanted and prayed for a spiritual mentor who can guide me in terms of my career as well as be there for me in my spiritual walk. It is a huge blessing to be able to play an important role in someone’s journey to becoming a healthcare professional. I serve GMMA because I believe that GMMA is a very welcoming place for accountability and fellowship. GMMA is meaningful to me because it allowed me to see a glimpse of God’s kingdom when I went to Haiti and Mexico missions. I cannot forget the smiles and the fun all the while being used by God at the same time.

Fall Quarter General Meetings

Meetings are held remotely on Zoom, every other Monday at 7PM!

Week 1: Intro to GMMA with Mentors (Oct. 5)

Week 3: GMMA HQ Speaker (Oct. 19)

Week 5: SoCAL Health Panel, (Nov. 2)

Week 9: Praise + Prayer with UCI (Nov. 30)


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