Elliya Kim


GMMA is an organization that values both an individual’s relationship with God and the relationships between brothers and sisters in Christ. The members of this group are uniquely connected because they share life struggles as students with a passion for healthcare and the hardships they face in their walk with God. I joined GMMA in search of a chance to go on missions and while this group has provided these opportunities, it ended up also providing a community that places faith before all else. Being in GMMA taught me what it means to serve with a good heart not only to patients on mission trips but also to other officers and members. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to serve a group like this for the upcoming year and pray that God will continue to be with us and bless us.

Andrew Mun


What GMMA represents is actually my dream. Something I always wanted to do in my life is missionary work. I wanted to be able to spread the word of God somehow. From this, I looked into medicine as a possible method of delivering the Word of God, which is how I found GMMA. The work that GMMA does perfectly matches what I want to do, so I had to join it. I was able to witness how missions work through GMMA, and it showed me what was realistic and what kind of things are possible.

Nicole Lim

Vice President

Going on medical mission trips with GMMA has not only initiated my passion for dentistry but also reminded me to serve others unconditionally. The people I’ve also met at the UW chapter and on mission trips have shown me how a body of Christ can work together to serve our one true God! Through GMMA, I’ve been able to incorporate my education and future with my faith by continuously seeking humility, trusting in Him alone. I’m truly blessed to serve alongside my brothers and sisters in order to be the salt and light of the UW campus. 

Ji Hyeon In

Mission Coordinator

Through GMMA, I was blessed to have a spiritual community in the midst of all the pressuring and stressful college environment. I first joined to simply be involved with a club, but GMMA offered so much more. I was able to personally meet with many God-centered friends and mentors where I was encouraged to be accountable for my faith during the tough school days. And I went on my first mission trip through GMMA to Mexico which was overall, a humbling and amazing experience where I learned what it truly means to fulfill God’s will for us to serve. GMMA is a family with loving people who engage and uplift each other to pursue God’s will to serve with our passion for healthcare.

Rachel Kim


To me, GMMA means that I have a God-fearing family who were called and willingly answered to go and carry out His mission, which is sharing the good news of Christ. I joined GMMA because I wanted to go on missions that were both Christ-centered and medical-based. Growing up as a missionary kid, I was always encouraged to go on missions when I was given the opportunity. After serving as a VBS leader on the past missions I was blessed to go on, I want to be able to serve alongside with doctors and students, and have hands-on medical experience while fulfilling the sole purpose of mission, which is sharing the truth of the Gospel. After joining, GMMA has brought my attention more towards the mission aspect of a christian’s life. Although I wasn’t able to go on a global mission trip, I was spiritually challenged and blessed from the local mission work we did here and from hearing testimonies of those who went this past year. I look forward to how God will use GMMA to share His good news during the pandemic and I pray that we will all remain obedient to His calling!

About UWashington Student Chapter

General Meetings

Bi-weekly Mondays at 6:30 PM via Zoom 

General Meeting Dates for Fall Quarter 2020:

  • October 12th: Info Session & Jackbox Fellowship
  • October 26th
  • November 9th
  • November 23rd
  • December 7th


Mission Trips

President: Elliya Kim

Welcome to Global Medical Missions Alliance @ UW!

Our student chapter exists to provide students:

-a Christian pre-health community where students can network with healthcare professionals

-equip students to use their passions to expand the Kingdom of God and to spread His love to all those around us (locally and globally)

-local outreach to our communities to mobilize the spirit of serving

Contact Information: uwgmma@uw.edu

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about UW GMMA and our vision. Please let us know if you have a similar vision, and would like to collaborate with or support us. You can also find us on Facebook by searching for “GMMA at Washington” in the search bar.


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