How to start educational programs; How to collaborate with locals

by Gloria Nam, RN PhD

Gloria Nam, RN

Gloria Nam, RN

Swaziland Christian University

Date: June 25, 2016

  • Speaker: Gloria Nam, RN
  • Source: GMMA/KAMHC 2016
  • Language: English
  • Length: 43 Minutes 08 Seconds


Are you wondering how to prepare to go on a mission field for short-term or long-term? In this presentation, Dr. Nam will share practical tips to how to start educational programs and to collaborate with local people, using her own experiences in Swaziland, Africa. Also, she will discuss some challenges and how to deal with them as a Christian.


Bio-statement for Gloria Nam, PhD, MSN, FNP, RN

Prof. Gloria Nam is currently working as a family nurse practitioner at Christian Family Care and teaching at University of Washington in Seattle. She received her Master’s in nursing science from Yale University and her PhD in nursing science from University of Washington in Seattle. After her seven-year career as a family nurse practitioner and completion of her PhD degree, she went to Swaziland, where she accepted a position of the head of nursing department at Swaziland Christian University in 2013.

She was appointed as the dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, which embraces departments of nursing science, medical laboratory science, radiography, and pharmacy in March 2015. She collaboratively worked with various health-related stake holders such as Ministry of Health, Swaziland Nursing Council, and other organizations including teaching institutions. Her main focus was to provide health professional education to young Swazi students to improve health services and health care access in Swaziland.

After serving for 2.5 years in Swaziland, she returned to Seattle in March 2016. She recently collaborates on a manuscript with her colleague, Dr. Eunjung Kim, entitled Associated factors with mental health among Korean American adolescents, which was presented during WIN conference in Anaheim, CA.

You can reach her at or 425-951-3716.

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