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Heidi Linton

Heidi Linton, volunteered with Christian Friends of Korea (CFK) from its founding in 1995, and has served as CFK’s Executive Director since 2002. Over 28 years, more than 200 people (150 Americans and 67 internationals) have participated with CFK on 91 visits to the DPRK, visiting every province while delivering over $98 Million USD in aid. Prior to Covid, CFK partnered with 35 tuberculosis, hepatitis and other healthcare facilities in 3 provinces. From 2015-2019, CFK initiated modern hepatitis B and C diagnostics and treatment, including the full renovation and equipping of 2 solar-powered diagnostic labs. Regular clinics were held in 5 locations. Nearly 3,000 patients were screened and 2,000 started on antiviral treatment.

CFK’s multi-disciplinary teams visited the DPRK up to four times a year (3 week long visits) to verify all shipments and engage in technical projects. Work scope included: extensive travel to care centers confirming delivery of humanitarian goods, staff training, installation of solar-gravity clean water systems and/or renovations of care centers, and delivery of treatment clinics hosted for hepatitis B and/or C patients.

Heidi holds masters and bachelor degrees from New York University, and the University of Washington, respectively. Heidi (and her husband, Andrew Linton, a co-founder of CFK) live in NC and have three grown children, and three grandchildren.

Heidi Linton

Engagement with North Korea:   Walking by Faith and Not by Sight

Uncertainty and challenge have always been constant companions in North Korea related work.   With engagement indefinitely paused due to border closures, and the world greatly changed since 2020, what will it mean to restart humanitarian engagement?   A look back at God's faithfulness through nearly a quarter-century of humanitarian engagement provides lessons in faith and hope as we face a future full of uncertainty.

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