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Brett & Karen Curtis

Brett and Karen Curtis are Co-Founders of YWAM Ships Kona. This organization was started June 2011, is a part of an ever-expanding larger global network of Ships with a Mission. There are currently 27 vessels operated by these various ministries, spread around the world’s waterways, working among some of the most difficult to reach and isolated communities. The vessels operated by YWAM Ships Kona are targeting isolated islands, usually not serviced with airports and therefore difficult to access.


Brett and Karen, joining with many other global leaders, have a burden to make the Bible accessible to every person in the Pacific in their mother tongue, thereby ending Bible poverty in the region. Wherever the Bible goes, the Spirit of God brings transformation! Brett’s personal goal is to make at least an oral translation of Scripture available to the Bible-less languages on the 657 isolated islands without airports in the Pacific.


Brett, born in Te Awamutu, New Zealand, and Karen born in Hamilton New Zealand have been involved in missions since 1983 beginning on board the Mercy Ship m/v ANASTASIS. They directed the Training Schools on board and then went on to be the Directors of the m/v GOOD SAMARITAN and the m/v CARIBBEAN MERCY.

Brett has a Master of Arts in Leadership from the University of the Nations with his thesis being in Crisis Management.

Brett & Karen have 5 children and four grandchildren.

Brett & Karen Curtis

Medical Ships Serving Isolated Islands

The content of the workshop will show how YWAM Ships, running 28 vessels throughout the world, delivers healthcare development and education to some of the most isolated and remote islands of the world. There is great synergy between bringing in the physical felt need and the often deeper spiritual need that these people have. We will highlight work being done especially in Papua New Guinea where over 100.000 medical services are delivered each year. The community engagement side resulting in bibles being distributed with man, woman and children of all ages coming to know Christ. There is an unique opportunity lying ahead this over the coming years for service on board our M/V YWAM LIBERTY.

There will be times for questions and answers and an opportunity to seek ways to partner with various missionary and medical networks.

Content will be delivered by video, powerpoint and an address from Brett Curtis the President and CEO of YWAM Ships in Kona, Hawaii. It will be appropriate for all ages.

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