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Dan Kim


Dan Kim has been serving as a pediatric surgeon, director of pediatrics, and assistant hospital director at the only Christian hospital in a predominantly Muslim country in West Africa for ten years. 

Dan was born to Korean immigrants and grew up in New Jersey. He graduated from a seven-year medical program with Boston University and New Jersey Medical School. Dan left in the middle of his general surgery residency at Brown Medical School to study missions at Dallas Theological Seminary for four years. It was there that he met his wife, Julie, who also had a heart for missions. After returning to Rhode Island to finish his general surgery residency and subsequently a pediatric surgery fellowship, they moved to Georgia where Dan worked at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite Hospital. Five years later God quickened their hearts “to go out and make disciples of all nations” and thus began their missionary journey.

For the past decade, Dan has had the privilege of witnessing firsthand God’s miraculous healing and light amidst tremendous suffering and darkness in an unreached nation. Dan’s passion is to introduce Muslims to Christ through compassionate and exceptional medical care in Jesus’ name. He is also burdened to help grow Biblically literate, thriving local churches that are committed to making disciples. His largest project at the moment is raising funds for a large hospital expansion which includes a new 170 bed Children’s Hospital and seven operating rooms.

Dan Kim


Dr. Dan Kim will be sharing how only a deep profound belief in God’s sovereignty can allow you to persevere through trials, tribulations, and persecution.

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