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Doug Christgau


Rev. Doug Christgau, with his wife Christine, served as outreach pastor in three churches from 1985-2019, and currently lives near Hartford, CT. During his tenure these churches have sent 40 long-term missionaries all over the world. Doug has led over 100 short-term mission trips in various U.S. cities and 45 countries.

Doug is now the Global Ambassador for MedSend (, an agency that pays the educational loans of health care professionals serving in long-term missions and also sustains them through member care specific to health care professionals while they are on the field. He desires to meet with student groups to present the unique Gospel opportunity for health care missions. Doug has spoken on campuses in thirteen states. Doug is supported by donors and visits campuses as a service of MedSend to health care students.

Doug Christgau

Reaching Hard Places through Medical Missions

While increasing numbers of countries in the world are closing to missionary access, health care missions are still an exception in many places. Discover the unique role of health care missions in completing the Great Commission. See how MedSend plays a strategic role in getting missionaries to the field by paying their school debt and keeping them on the field through a variety of member care services specific to health care missionaries

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