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Dr. Robert D Meyer


Dr. Diane K Meyer


Dr. (Colonel Retired) Robert D. Meyer, DMD, MAGD, ABGD, FICD, FADI,

FACD, Executive Director of the Christian Dental Society

Dr. Diane K. Meyer, RN, BSN, MST, EdD, FICD, FACI, Board Member of

the Christian Dental Society

For 30 years, Drs. Bob and Diane Meyer have led 75 short-term, portable

missions in 45 developing countries while working with many Christian

organizations. They are passionate about providing dental/medical care, education,

and hope for under-resourced people. They have published five books and

numerous articles on missions, and have administrated the Christian Dental

Society, a national, non-profit mission organization, for eight years.

Bob graduated from West Point and commanded an artillery unit and the

only airborne dental unit in the world. He directed a General Dentistry Residency

during his 32-year Army career and spent 16 years in private practice before his

redirection to full-time, humanitarian work in 2015.

Diane received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, a Master of Science

in Teaching, and an EdD in Christian Leadership and Education from Liberty

University where her doctoral research focused on the holistic benefits of missions.

Diane worked intermittently as a registered nurse and an educator while

maintaining their home and family.

Happily married for 45 years, Drs. Bob and Diane Meyer enjoy their three

children, their spouses, and eight grandchildren.

Dr. Robert D Meyer

Great Commission Stories from Rugged Places

These presenters relate inspiring, personal experiences gained

through a lifetime of joyful, short-term missionary trips in the name of Jesus. Themstories include evangelism highlights, cross-cultural features, triumphs over challenges, and adventures in God’s amazing world of diversity.

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