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Hong Ryang Moon

Hong Ryang Moon, MBA

Hong Ryang Moon is an experienced leader in global mission management and healthcare administration, with extensive roles in Ethiopia’s MyungSung Medical College and MyungSung International Development.


1967 - 1971 BSc in Agricultural Chemistry Korea University, South Korea

2009 - 2011 MBA in Non-Profit Management Hope Int’l University, Fullerton, CA

2021 - Current MA in Theological Studies Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia, PA

Professional Career

1974 Dec. - 1977 Feb. Dongyang Confectionary Co. Ltd, Engineer

1977 May - 1983 Oct. Samryun Ltd. Travel Goods Manufacturer, Sales Manager

1983 Nov. - 2001 Feb. Moon Corporation Travel Goods Trader, CEO

2002 July - 2003 May Canaan Mission Center, Managing Director

Major Management Leadership Positions in Mission Field, Ethiopia

2003 June - 2008 Dec. MyungSung Int’l Development PLC (MID), CEO

2003 June. - Current MyungSung Int’l Development PLC (MID), Director of Global Collaboration

2012 Aug. - 2017 Sept. MCM Hospital and MyungSung Medical College (MMC) Vice Director of MCM & Vice Dean of MMC of Administration

2017 Sept. - 2020 June & 2021 Aug. - Current MyungSung Medical College (MMC), Vice Dean of Administration

Hong Ryang Moon

“Progress of Modern Medical Mission in Africa”

Just as many of devoted American missionaries served to preach the Gospel through healthcare and training of physicians in Korea since 1884, Myungsung Church in Korea opened the MCM General Hospital in 2004, MMC in 2012 and Primary Care Center for the needy patient in 2024 in Ethiopia with the calling of God to share Jesus’ Love through medical missions.

To perform this sacred Commandment more effectively as a unique Christian medical institution in Sub-Saharan Africa, we have strived our efforts through the following activities,

  1. Teaching undergraduate students about Servant Leadership, Christian World View & Medical Ethics as part of the official curriculum besides having Chapel regularly two times a week.

  2. Operating the resident program since 2022 in Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Ob/Gyn & Radiology and a fellowship program in interventional radiology with the support of the Korean Society of Interventional Radiology.

  3. Planning to expand some Specialized Subspecialties

  • Cardiac Center, Oncology Center with Radiation Therapy, Neuro-Science Center, Interventional Radiology, Gastroenterology

  1. Encouraging faculties & students to actively participate in research programs

  2. Operating Primary Care Center to treat the needy patients for free and train our students

  3. Strengthening global collaboration with many medical mission organizations & institutions to help support our mission activities.

God is calling you to join in His holistic ministry at our hospital & medical school for

Medical Education and Services.

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