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James Lau


James Lau, MD is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. He practiced in Southern California for 30 years before he retired. Orange County Medical Association elected Dr. Lau “physician of excellence” every year from 2005 to 2019.

Dr. Lau is the board chairman and a founding member of HIS Foundation ( He is interested in overseas medical missions. He has participated, organized, and led many short-term medical missions to China, Vietnam, different parts of Africa, and Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). His hobbies include reading, music, and traveling.

James Lau

Producing long-term effects with short-term medical missions

Most busy medical professionals have difficulties spending a lot of time

in overseas medical missions. This workshop demonstrates how long-

term effects can be achieved with well-planned short-term medical

missions. Many examples will be illustrated in the workshop.

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