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John Constantine


Born and raised on the mission field in the Middle East, John came to the United States after high school to pursue his studies in various fields. He completed undergraduate and graduate studies in biology, psychology, education, technology, theology, missions, administration, management, and languages.  But what captivated his heart in the past 25 years has been to passionately share Christ as he traveled regularly to diverse mission fields in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East; coming alongside indigenous leaders, and teaching on the centrality of Christ in ministry and life while utilizing tools of study he acquired along the way.  

Seeing leaders grow to maturity in Christ, serving their communities creatively, and taking ownership of what God called them to do for their people has given him front row seat to observe God’s fingerprints in many places.  Seeing the broken and marginalized become alive and active in life and ministry gives a sense of hope and purpose.  Discovering the reality of God’s love that’s “shed abroad through our hearts” has been a constant motivation to daily become vessels unto His honor.

John has been traveling and serving as part of Hand In Hand Partnership ministry of Alabama.  He is married to Amaya for 47 years, and they have one son, Jonathan

John Constantine

Persecution for His Name’s Sake

John, with 25 years of global mission experience, passionately shares Christ, mentors indigenous leaders, and witnesses transformation in communities, driven by a deep understanding of God’s love.

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