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Persecution for His Name’s Sake

John Constantine

About the Workshop

I have walked alongside many persecuted followers of Christ in over 20 countries and have witnessed the profound challenges faced by many across the globe. Our brothers and sisters in Christ often worship in whispers, their freedom to gather and express their faith severely restricted. They bear the cross of surveillance, intimidation, and even imprisonment, solely for their love of Christ. Our fellow believers encounter exclusion and hostility. They must often cloak their faith in secrecy, risking social alienation, and at times, facing physical harm as followers of Jesus.  They know the cost firsthand, yet many are unwilling to turn back.


Christians, especially, stand as vulnerable targets amidst the turmoil in many countries. They endure heartbreaking violence, including attacks on their meeting places and threats to their families. Economic persecution is another stark reality as many are denied job opportunities or even ability to go shopping. Yet, in the midst of these trials, their resilience and unwavering faith are a testament to God's grace and power and assuring presence. They constantly remind us of the preciousness of our shared faith and the strength that comes from a community bound together in Christ's love. They are unstoppable because of their strong passion to know and follow the Savior.  The stories I share not only grieve my heart but also inspire awareness and a deeper commitment to pray, encourage, support, and love for our global family.

Workshop Speaker

John Constantine

John, with 25 years of global mission experience, passionately shares Christ, mentors indigenous leaders, and witnesses transformation in communities, driven by a deep understanding of God’s love.

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