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Medical Education in Closed Countries

Shari Falkenheimer

About the Workshop

No countries are actually “closed” when it comes to healthcare professional education! There are long and short term opportunities as well as repetitive opportunities to share one’s expertise with colleagues in other countries. This workshop will outline the types of opportunities that exist and give examples of how different Christians and Christian organizations have taken advantage of the opportunities that exist. These include, for example, employment in medical facilities and healthcare professional schools, short term visits to teach desired topics, requested consultations from healthcare leaders and institutions, opportunities to participate in local, national and international conferences, government sponsored opportunities such as the Fulbright Scholar program, teaching opportunities in residency programs and international clinics, and opportunities to help educate community health workers.

Workshop Speaker

Shari Falkenheimer

Dr. Shari Falkenheimer, with 40+ years in medicine and leadership, has taught in 30 countries and mentors Christian medical groups, serving on global health boards.

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